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Feeling Based Business Operations Lends to Business Failure

Today, it is almost a badge of honor for business owners to say they have owned more than one failed business.  Why are people so proud of this issue?  I call it an issue because it is one thing if you were in on a temporary fade or got hit with economic problems, but most did not understand business.  Many of them attempt to give other business owners poor advice as well.  Please stop listening to everyone.  Before there was a beast system, the people of YAH were merchants.  We got caught up in their practices causing us to go into sin and eventually captivity.  Why would we want to continue these practices?  We must remember that there was YAH’s system and get back to working for his system in the beginning.  Stop only looking at what is in front of you and pricing like the world. 

The spirit of poverty leads you to believe in a false system that someone will pay you later if you work for free.  Lies because most of the time, these people will move on to the next unsuspecting person.  Remember, the laborer is worthy of his or her wages.  Stop thinking you cannot get paid but also do not cheat people either.  In the scriptures, cheating is called defrauding, and if you participate in that practice, YAH will take you down.  Perhaps, you want to help others, and I understand, but people have more money than you think, and many love free labor.  Stop letting them trick you in to continue to work more than your agreement and stop tricking others into free labor as well.  Your belief system doesn’t promote a free economy but one of slavery when you continue to expect people to work for free or unreasonable wages.

Stop and learn what you need to earn if this will be a stream of income for you.  Next, understand your cost per sale and the cost of doing business.  Next, before you add in additional expenses, make sure you can pay them without outside funding.  Slow growth is a good thing, and it keeps more earnings in the house to build the business.

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