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Money Is A Supply And Not A Resource

Over the years, I cannot tell you the number of times I have heard the lie that money is a resource. Worse yet is the lie that money belongs to The Most High YAH. I have also heard that we need to have a money relationship. All false information to have you devote yourself to mammon. If you know mammon is the demonic spirit over money, then they claim that all money belongs to god is correct because this demonic spirit is their god. Money is not a resource because you cannot grow money. Money is paper printed by man and the claim that is backed by gold and silver. Where is the gold and silver? If you understand how banking works, you can understand why this claim is false.  

President Nixon ended the “Bretton Woods System” that says money must be backed by gold and soon after the fractional reserve system was created. You see, what people think they have in wealth is not real. I have learned to focus on what the Most High calls real wealth. Let us first look at the fact we are given wealth by The Most High when we follow his YAHRAH. So, if you do not have what YAH says is wealth, you are not living his laws, statutes, and commandments.

Deuteronomy 8 17 and 18

Deuteronomy 8: 17-18 KJV. Verse 17 YAH says if we say our own works bought us this wealth when we need to remember he gave us this wealth in verse 18 shows us YAH said he gave us wealth. So, what’s wealth, according to ABBA YAH?

  1. YAH’s commandments are wealth, listed in verse 6. (YAH WAY’s laws statutes and commandments is wealth!) We are washed cleaned through his word and the blood of the Messiah YAHSHUA that is the word (instructions).  
  2. Children are wealth (when all thou have multiplied).
  3. Land is wealth according to verse 7, The Most High lists all the benefits that the land will bring including things for trade and to make things.
  4. Growing and harvesting our own food.
  5. Animals (flocks - certain animals are wealth.)

Deuteronomy 8 5 thru 14

Deuteronomy 8 15 and 16

I want to add good health mentally, spiritually, and physically is wealth and this is listed throughout the scriptures. When we follow the YAHRAH it is automatic. Nowhere does he say money is wealth because money is exchanged to get wealth in today’s world. Money is wealth to the children of the god of this world. Once you realize if you walk out the scriptures in your heart, mind, body, and spirit, we serve different masters (Elohim). Hopefully, you can let go of the false belief that you need a relationship with money and that money is a resource instead of a supply for trade.

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