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Getting To The Root of The Budget Sabotage

Cup with water leaks 1 300x300Money leaks are habits, beliefs, and external influences that impact our money over-time. We slowly spend the money without realizing the harm we are doing to our budgets. Think of a bottle or jug of water that over a period of time you noticed a puddle of water around the jug. Money leaks are the same. Money leaks are unexpected and unplanned spending.  Money leaks can be fixed by getting to the root of the budget sabotage. We hardly realize how the money adds up from a money leak. We often believe that these small habits will not harm our resources and plans. We often justify our spending with a common statement, "I deserve this." Once we become aware of this silent drain we become more empowered to fix the problem. Usually, we need to review our beliefs, habits, and time with God.

Why time with God you ask? Because money is a deep heart and spiritual issue. Many people will say that's not true but money is more than just numbers. Many, many people have and do make money a source, idol, or god. God gives money for His assignments for you. But there are ways that the spirit of the world manipulates our God-given resources and gifts. The spirit of the world plays on our sinful or selfish desires. I know this statement may be hard to swallow but the first step is admitting to sinful and selfish desires. Once I admitted to my own desires I was able, to be honest with God and allow him to change and continually change those desires. Sometimes old habits will seep back into day to day lives without realizing the habits. You are not an evil person. We are all born into sin. Pride is selfishness and ALL of us have this propensity. BUT we have been given the "Helper" or the Holy Spirit of God to overcome this issue in our soul. When we "die to self" we begin to put God's will first and the spirit of the world can no longer manipulate us or our resources.

Now, let's go over some examples of outside influences.

Grocery store " aisle sales." Be aware of the pricing for display items. Walk down the aisle instead and you will notice that there are similar items, different name brands, for less than the sales price of the display item. This is an advertising tactic. Vist the main aisle before picking up from the display. Convenience Fees Not all convenience fees are harmful to our budget. However, there are some that can be avoided. Ask this question: How much time and worry will it save me? Adjust your schedule to complete the tasks if you will not save money. Bank Fees Allowing our accounts to have the overdraft feature cost money. The bank charges money to move your money. This is not worth the fee. Spend what's in the Account and stop at your determine point of margin. Yes, this means you will have to track spending.     Comment BubblePost any comments over on B&P FaceBook! I would love to hear from you.  

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Y. Michelle Coard, President and Profit Strategist.

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