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One Of The Top Millionaire Money Habits

Many business owners do not know the full advantages of having an accountant because most people believe accounting is only bookkeeping. After leaving school and working in the field, I learned it’s more important to be proactive instead of reactive as an accountant. Discussing our financial ideas with an accountant is one of the top

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Seek God’s Favor In Your Finances

I remember when I did not seek God’s favor in finances. Instead, I tried to carry it all on my own. And as the head of household and a sole entrepreneur in my own company, the responsibilities became more than I could handle. “If we seek good we find favor with God.” Proverbs 11:2 NIV.

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Getting To The Root of The Budget Sabotage

Money leaks are habits, beliefs, and external influences that impact our money over-time. We slowly spend the money without realizing the harm we are doing to our budgets. Think of a bottle or jug of water that over a period of time you noticed a puddle of water around the jug. Money leaks are the

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Financial Success Is Found In The Middle of Peace

It’s a wonder that doing less feels productive but somehow the world views it as lazy. “Less is more” is my focus for this year. I learned this principle by focusing on God.  I found financial success in the middle of peace. Because God is in all aspects of our lives His principles for everyday

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