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Zoho User Accounting Tutorials and Guides

Updating User Roles in Zoho Books

The accountant user role requires you to update the role as Zoho updates its program. 

Zoho added additional options or takes out certain features therefore the admin of the Zoho file will need to update the user.  Here's a little video to assist you.
How to Fix Broken Bank Feeds

How To Fix Broken Feeds

Broken feeds can often occur in Zoho Books.  To fix the feeds, you will need to update your credentials.  Often you also will need to do a phone verification.  The software will lead you through the verification process.  Here's an example of how to update your banking credentials.

Email Your Receipts into Zoho Books

Get the receipts for back up is an essential part to bookkeeping.  The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) will deny most expenses without a receipt.  Today it is easy to drag and drop and attach receipts into our accounting software.  Today I will show you how to email in your receipts.  You can also use this email for local vendors to email you their invoices directly.  I will discuss more on that one later.  Today just a quick peak at the email feature in Zoho Books.