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Accountant or Financial Manager What I Do

Accounting involves gathering, organizing analyzing, planning, managing, and guiding cash flow (stewardship). We help you create and organize your business with a process that creates a better workflow ( also called business optimization) for...

ATA Accounting Implementation Course

What is accounting implementation? Just as the term sounds, we will implement accounting or the accounting processes into your business. Most business owners do not realize the full responsibilities and tasks associated with accounting.  All...

BPASC Ask The Accountant Estimate to Invoice Course

All my courses are based on the inspiration of the Ruach (spirit) of YHWH.  I do not nor will I ever sell Bible scriptures and verses.  I sell education and training action items based on business accounting operations rooted in scripture...

Your Accountant and Your Accounting Software

Listen to the audio here: Do I need an accountant if I have accounting software? I know many people worry about software or applications eliminating the need for people.  However, regardless of what we see in movies, the software needs...

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