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Christian Business Owners

Ask The Accountant Podcast: Introduction Episode 1 6282020

B&P Ask The Accountant Podcast Episode 1- New Season Introduction Ask The Accountant Podcast:  Episode 1 62820 Listen to the podcast: In this podcast, I introduce my goals and help point business owners back to the difference between...

ATA Podcast Does A Budget Have To Smother You

Budgeting Does Not Have To Smother You Mastering Your Money Management Listen To The Podcast Most people fail to master money management because they believe the rich can spend without looking at labels. So, they spend and spend often...

B&P Ask The Accountant Podcast: Spotting A Negotiator Part 3

iTunes Title: Testing
B&P Ask The Accountant Podcast Protecting Profits Defeating The Negotiator Part 3 Episode 72220 Listen to the podcast here:  Business and Personal Accounting Solutions, Corp. presents: B&P Ask The Accountant Podcast....

Is Profitable The Same As Making Money

Is Profitable The Same As Making Money? I know often I try to remind business owners that just about anyone can earn money. However, not many of them can tell me if they are profitable. Is profitable the same as making money? Can you be profitable...

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