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Pricing Games

The Pricing Games I put out a series regarding the negotiator, and I went on to do more research on marketing trends.  Economics and marketing took over cost and profit-based pricing.  Instead of accounting for actual cost, expenses,...

Stop Looking To Your Oppressors To Teach You

Stop Looking to Your Oppressors to Teach You We are not seeking the Most High YAH guidance to show us how to break through our issues with business ownership. Somehow we believe business ownership should only look one way. Most believers think the...

The Freedom to Individual Budgeting

The Freedom To Individual Budgeting Money management can be stressful at times, but I am learning that understanding that it's my desires and timing can harm my budget. Once I gained an understanding that my wants and desires impact my spending,...

The Work Of Our Hands

The Work of Our Hands The more I am inundated with images and pressure from pagan worship, the more I desire to seek righteous business owners and people. Unlike the lies from pagan religions, sects, cults, families, groups, organizations, companies,...

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