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Christian Business Owners

3 Simple Tips for Bill Management

3 Simple Tips To Bill Management Listen to the Podcast Tacking bills, yep, I know most people hate paying bills. We love to see money coming in but hate to see it go out. I have learned to change my mindset about bills. I am thankful I have...

Accounting Is The Heart Of Business

  Often, we believe bookkeeping is stressful because daily actives can often create multiple transactions causing us to feel overwhelmed.  Creating a routine of 5-10 minutes a day of checking in for messages from your accountant or...

Financial Management Is A Mutual Responsibility

Financial Management Is A Mutual ResponsibilityBecoming A Responsible With Business and Money Management Listen To The Podcast Audio Here I often run into business owners that want to spend without tracking expenses. When you hire an accountant,...

Improving Sales Invoicing

Improving Sales InvoicingInvoicing, Expenses, and Estimates Listen To The Podcast Episode 9222019 Reporting becomes easier when invoice tracking.  Many business owners need to know the cost to provide a product or services.  In...

Timely Invoicing and Bill Management Work Together

Timely Invoicing and Bill Management Work Together Listen To The Podcast Invoice tracking and bill management go hand in hand as you may have guessed because you need the income to cover your bills. If revenue is late and you do not have...

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