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Christian Business Owners

Easy Button for Accounting

EASY BUTTON FOR ACCOUNTING Is there an easy button when it comes to accounting and taxes? You may know by now, if you follow the blogs or podcast, you may notice that I don’t like to string people along, so the answer is no! 4 years ago, I got...

Is Profitable The Same As Making Money

Is Profitable The Same As Making Money? I know often I try to remind business owners that just about anyone can earn money. However, not many of them can tell me if they are profitable. Is profitable the same as making money? Can you be profitable...

Payroll Or Owners Pay And Taxes

Listen to the Podcast What if you are the owner in your business? Do you run payroll and take out taxes or should you only focus on self-employment taxes at the end of the year? Perhaps, you are wondering what the difference is or which one...

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