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Christian Business Owners

Payroll and The Small Business Owner

  When are payroll tax liabilities due when processing payroll for the first time?  Many understand payroll is one of the most substantial expenses.  Many business owners understand they will have to pay taxes, but many fail...

Payroll Or Owners Pay And Taxes

Listen to the Podcast What if you are the owner in your business? Do you run payroll and take out taxes or should you only focus on self-employment taxes at the end of the year? Perhaps, you are wondering what the difference is or which one...

The True Cost of Payroll

Listen To The Podcast Here When an employer is deciding to hire an employee, they must consider the true cost of payroll.  Your employer must pay you more than your hourly rate or salaried rate.  Business owners must determine if they...

Time IS Money and How To Track Time

  ListenTo the Podcast Here A habit that plagues many business meetings is the point of talking without action.  What happens when we want to talk it out, but no one acts.  I have attended many meetings that quite frankly went...

Time IS Money and How To Track Time Part Two

  Listen To The Podcast Here Many business owners include labor in their pricing. If you don’t know how long, it should take to complete a task; you will find your self overworked and underpaid. Or your clients will feel like they can’t...

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