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Christian Business Owners

Contractors and Consultants Are Business Owners

Contractors and Consultants Are Business Owners My topic for the month was changed. I wanted to stop and cover this topic. Contractors and consultants are business owners. I was reading a thread yesterday about a man seeking bookkeeping....

Creating Packages Bringing It All Together

Listen to the Podcast.  Episode 6162019 During May we covered pricing. You can visit all of the blogs on pricing by clicking on the name of the blogs below to read more. Creating a package includes adding the various pieces to your package....

Estimate or Quote The Profit Impact

Estimate or Quote The Profit Impact Today, I will cover when to give an estimate an when to give a quote because this was an issue for me in my business for many years for pricing and creating profit. You may ask, what's the difference is? ...

Pricing Package Breakdown

Listen to the podcast click play  We covered cogs/coss options in the last blog (click hereto read "Pricing For Your Business"). We will cover the price break down this week. Many people don’t understand what is involved in a business...

Time IS Money and How To Track Time Part Two

  Listen To The Podcast Here Many business owners include labor in their pricing. If you don’t know how long, it should take to complete a task; you will find your self overworked and underpaid. Or your clients will feel like they can’t...

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