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How Business Owners Harm Their Profits

Writter and Producer - Yashyka Bat Yash'real (Yaschica Coard) Listen to the audio lesson:  *Audio statement correction: I mean people think you are suppose to expect to fail at business and move on to the next.  I did not mean you...

Tax Myth Debunked The Rich Do Not Pay Taxes

  Tax Myth Debunked The Rich Do Not Pay Taxes I will speak about profits often because taxes do not have to be as bad as we think.  Yes, it is hard to let that money go but, if we consider the amount of money they take from payroll,...

Taxable Income

Taxable Income What is taxable income?  Taxable income is different between business and personal taxes.  Taxable business income is based on the net business profit that either flows through or is reported on a separate business tax...

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