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“Refocused Faith for Business Owners”

“Refocused Faith for Personal Finances”

This course is for getting to the root of the money matter.  

I spent many years stressing over money.  Of course, I would because I have one income and we live in a society that one income leaves a family in poverty but Elohim!  I believe this society has the spirit of the world that is against the family.  Many people think that you have to sacrifice your family for a career.

I disagree because there are so many scriptures that Yehovah indicates we are to take care of family first.  I wanted to regain my power and authority through Jesus.  How would I go about that process?  I had to allow him to take away the lies that we are feed that we can’t make it without compromising his word or our values.  YOU can if you are willing to do the unthinkable by letting Elohim lead!  Yes, I know that’s not the norm because so many people are “faking bold” or  “making it happen” with new age practices.  Don’t get caught in this snare!

In this e-course, I will show you have to master your money management Elohim, His Kingdom economy.  AND we will break those spiritual strongholds that keep us in slavery!  Let’s get started!

There are two versions.  One for business owners that will cover your personal finances as well.  Get The Business Version Here

One for personal finances if you are not business owners. Get The Personal Financial Version Here

Note this e-course only works if you are ready to follow the one true and living G-d, Elohim.  You can not serve two gods.  Therefore, these practices cannot be mixed with the ways of the world.  Both courses are free.  You may give a gift after you complete the course if you feel lead to do so.  Thank you.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “think rich and you will attract money to you.”  How many books do we have about “how to get rich” or “10 quick steps to be rich?”

Is rich minded a good thing?  Is it good to focus on being rich?  Well, there’s nothing wrong with being rich but from my research of the scriptures, I have found that rich minded is not a good thing.  Read more about rich minded in my blog “Is Rich Minded The Opposite of The Poverty Mindset?”

“Is Richmond the Opposite of The Poverty Mindset?”  Watch the video:

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