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Accounting Software Versus Other Software

I have come across many businesses trying to offer tools for the business owner, but they are not accounting software developer. I have also come across many companies that are accounting software developers, but they are not accountants. Having great software and an accountant is essential. Many people still recommend spreadsheet accounting or checkbook accounting. Spreadsheets work but can be costly, trying to have someone automate the spreadsheet. Keeping the spreadsheet up is time-consuming, and it is a great back up but to properly manage your business, having a combination of tools will help. I keep spreadsheets to help monitor money and even build sales packages for clients. However, that information must make it into my accounting software.

A merchant account platform, such as PayPal, is not the best place to manage your business; however, they have managed to trick many people into thinking they can support accounting needs. Banks are not trying to get into the arena by saying sign up for this platform. However, you still do not have access to the accounting knowledge you need. Have software does not always provide the compliance or business building tools you need. Working with a well-trained accountant, such as myself, can help you properly and efficiently organize and grow your business. When I say grow, I do not mean marketing. Marketers are not accountants.

I focus on the accounting side of things because, honestly, that is where you need to build your business. Accounting is the business's heart, and using the proper tools to manage the business is very important. Stop guessing at your numbers, and let us get real. Learn more about pricing. We also have a business formation course now available. Get started today!

Y. Michelle Coard, B.A.S., A.A.S in Accounting

Co-Owner of Business & Personal Accounting Solutions, Corp.

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