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ATA Business Formation Course More Than A Name Course Information


All my courses are based on the inspiration of the Ruach (spirit) of YHWH.  I do not nor will I ever sell Bible scriptures and verses.  I sell education and training action items based on business accounting operations rooted in scripture and I can sell processes and procedures because we the people of YHWH are business owners. 

Business formation is also referred to as business structure or business organization when paperwork is filed with the state. Since people are familiar with sole proprietorships and Limited Liability Companies LLC many do not know that one person can set up a corporation as well. Although there are various business structures too many to list, I focus on the most common business structures that work best for the business owner. I find that if you are going to open a large company with multiple partners or shareholders you are venturing into the deeper legal ground and should consult a large accounting firm and a lawyer. I work for the small business owner with about 1-2 business owners (normally husband and wife business owners or individual business owners) that are on one accord.

I find that attempting to own a business with multiple people or people that have different visions can pull the business into multiple directions. I have seen a business with 3 owners, but it legally belonged to one. There were 2 owners that decided they would work on an accounting system behind the back of the legal business owner and attempt to force this person into a different system they believed would work better. Thankfully, they did not like my offer after they tried to trick me into some unreasonable pricing, I was not a part of their trickery. I am glad they did not accept as I would not have accepted the account once I found out what they were doing because their plan was unethical.

Hopefully, you can see that selecting your business structure is important for your business. Your business structure will impact your accounting processes and taxes. You are making sure you have efficient accounting processes that will make it easier to pull together reporting information for monthly, quarterly, and annual tax filings. Your business structure is created by your type of industry because there are industry regulations for most business owners that required additional reporting that is gather from your accounting records. Your business structure will help you understand how to set up your accounting file for better reporting. Bookkeeping is the flow-through of transactions and certain bookkeeping procedures are dictated by your business structure such as when is it owners draw or when do you process payroll. Can an LLC owner process payroll for themselves or using estimated tax payments? What if you are a one-person S-Corporation or C-Corporation. What? Can one person own a corporation? What products and services will you sell, and can you have an LLC, or do you need a Corporation? Did you know your business structure also impacts your income? If you have a flow-thru entity, you could pay more in taxes because of the AMT tax. What is a flow-through entity?

I will cover all those questions and more in the business formation course to assist you with setting up or modifying your business structure to best benefit you.

Course Outline Business Formation Course

The course contains 5 videos and online worksheets for collaboration with me through the course.  The course is 1 on 1 as I help you walk through the selection process.  I have also included quizzes within the course.  Once you complete the course you will be able to make an informed decision about your business structure.  An informed decision will help you maximize your time and your money!

Many business owners select a business structure because of a catchy name or because someone else told them they should have this business structure because everyone they know has that business structure. However, ask them do they know there are different types of business structures and that your business structure determines how you file your personal and business taxes? Did you know LLC – Limited Liability Corporation is flexible but why? Did you know you have to take additional steps to be considered a corporation although the corporation is the LLC designation?

Did you know you have more filing requirements, or you must have payroll with certain business structures? Did you know certain business structures provide more tax deductions and credits than other business structures, but their filing and annual reporting fees cost more?  What if you have multiple businesses can you lump all your business under one business structure?

I will cover many questions that the everyday small business owner does not have access to until tax season when they can not understand their taxes. Why do you have penalties? Before you select your business structure or if you need to modify your business structure let us discuss your options. I hope I can also help you see why other options are not unattainable for even the everyday small business owner.


Although forming a business structure today is more accessible most of us don’t have the information we need to make an informed decision regarding selecting a business structure. Sadly, too many business owners seek free information that is limited or gather information from other non-accountants or non-lawyers to save money. However, I would encourage you to invest time and money to learn the best business structure for your business or businesses because it may cost you more in the future. I will show you the most important points to consider when selecting your business structure in this course.

We will review the following points:

  1. We will review the most common business structures.
  2. We will review how your business structure impacts your taxes.
  3. We will consider what it means to organize multiple businesses.
  4. I will explain a little know tax for the non-corporations.
  5. We will talk about the owner's pay.
  6. We will talk about employees' and contractors' pay and taxes.

If you would like to learn more about selecting a business structure this course is for you.  Investing time and money into this course will save you more time and money down the road.  All courses are tax-deductible.  The course fee is $135.00 plus taxes.

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