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Building A Business On Faith

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Let's talk about building a business on faith in this audio.  Follow along with the blog.

When we hear “building a business on faith” or think this phrase most people will question if you are being realistic since people have only seen the false religious depiction of stepping out on faith.  I know with so much false teaching going around I know it is hard to believe that this statement, and it is an action, that is real and YAH will bless you but...

But it is more than simple thought and it is not of your works (your solutions falsely labeled a blessing from YHWH).  If your solutions go against YARAH that is how you know it is not from YHWH, it is from something else.  If your solutions for supporting your businesses are that you must have loans or some sort of credit, you could be correct?  However, nine out of ten times you have some other stream of income or even income from (B&P Ask The Accountant Podcast: Cultivating Multiple Streams of Income Ep 822020) within your own business that can fund the new business or the new stream.  "What??"  “Take a risk and use my money?”    Correct the number one reason new business close is because of debt and the false belief if I just believe and have “faith” if I get this loan, it will trigger sales.  The romanticized thought movement and the law of attraction, the world’s version of faith, have left many people in debt.  Can we trigger sales without investing thousands of dollars into advertising and prosperity giving?  Yes, so let us reason about how this works.

YHWH says in Joshua 1:8 and through Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy, etc.…how to receive his blessings and it is when we walk in his laws, statutes, and commandments.  Yes, they still exist, and they are good for us and answer the problems we are experiencing today.  When we apply the Torah (YARAH) to business and walk-in YHWH’s will (YHWH’s will is Torah) we can see how we are to operate and work with people.  I learned how to price for my business through scriptures getting an understanding of what YHWH considers fair and profitable pricing.  Next, I had to get my home in order by prioritizing what I needed to do by making sure I conform to YARAH in every area of my life.  Third, I went back to business and analyzed, priorities, checked mindsets (Ruach or the spirit) against YARAH, and cut anything thing that was stealing time, causing dysfunction, profit loss, or causing me to sin.  I reviewed processes that work or did not work.

If a process did work, I researched why I stopped using it and discovered one person said something negative, so I change.  I was pulled all over the place, by one person’s comments, by allowing so-called “feedback” to derail the ground I had gain.  I soon learned that we must evaluate the person that is giving the feedback and where their intentions are from or even their mindsets (spiritual).  A non-believer loves to make fun of us and laugh at us, but I noticed if something worked, they would ignore the fact that proved I was right about Emunah (the real faith of the scriptures), but the mocker would act like it did not happen.  The spirit of jealousy is present and must go.  Next, I pay attention to each spirit in the business.  I learned to create a workflow or waiting list for the people that waited until the last minute on purpose normally although I connected with them earlier would have to wait to get back into the workflow and that means it takes longer to complete the service.  I notice this is a spirit of pride and procrastination but mostly pride from them.

Perhaps you can see that “faith” takes action.  Read more about the Hebrew culture of Faith on this blog:  Emunah.

Know the status of your flocks

                                    Know the status of your business.  (The scriptures refer to flocks and we know animal stock equates to wealth.)

Faith does take action, but not by repeating the same mistakes of the past business owners.  I could not understand why I had to fight people so hard to own a business.  People made the comment that “most people work a job while starting a business.”  I agree but since I was laid off for the fifth time, I had to accept YHWH wanted me to focus on the business.  When I share this event with people, I often receive a response like I need to keep trying as if accepting YHWH’s will for me is an excuse to give up.  See people want me to walk against what YHWH was showing me is proof people ignore him.  I noticed I was constantly attempting to reassure people that I do not give up easily but since most people still do not believe YHWH does work in our lives most people believe those of us that hear from YHWH are simple-minded, lazy, or making things up.  If you are not a person that strongly believes in YHWH this will sway your walk with him.  Since we know people will worship YHWH with their lips, but their hearts are far from him (Matthew 15:8 KJV). 

So, I continued to research the scriptures to see if I was really making up something because I was not afraid to walk with YHWH and I am certainly not lazy.  I was afraid not to walk him because I know the spiritual warfare that was in my life was not supposed to be there. I noticed many instructions that are not taught in church. I also found that the people of YHWH, were in the past and still are today business owners and we are a people of action.  So, obedience to YHWH does not mean I have to work for a non-profit, missionary, or work like a slave or attend seminary.  I also do not collect assistance from the government.  We do not have to remain in lack.  The world system pushes people and especially believers of YHWH, the people of YHWH into lack, so my spirit to fight against lack was and is strong, I knew then, and I know now.  But the question for many people is how do we fight?  By repenting and walking in YARAH and fighting the spirits of doubt.  Here is where people say that is not real and say no.  So, those that do not want to change continue on their own way (path) with their struggles.  I chose to repent and live out the actions of YARAH.

No doubt!  Crushing Fear!  Crushing any fear to walk in YARAH is how I begin to remind myself every time I thought I was about to spiritually walk into an unknown and what felt like an unstable situation.   Soon YHWH began giving me more dreams, visions, and confirmations that I did not understand but I would later receive the confirmations and understanding that I needed through YARAH and Ruach of YHWH and life events past and present, and I am comforted.  I see how we can spiritually walk out into unknown territory, and we must trust that we are walking THE path with HaMashiach (The Messiah/Savior) without doubt and YHWH does strengthen us, and then his promises began to manifest but first with a transformation Romans 12:1-2 KJV.

I share this with you because if you think you must be poor to serve YHWH you are right in that the blessed are the poor in spirit.  Poor in the natural no but you cannot chase money either and monetary riches will come after hard work.  The lie to be poor in the natural realm is forced by religion, and you can read this blog about why religious and world leaders need us to be broke.  YHWH said, “I have given you the ability to create wealth,” he says as long as we are obedient, and it is overtime.  So, if you expected it to just drop in your lap you are still deceived by the false prosperity theology and you miss the growth and lessons in laying foundational truths.  Instead, increase your business focus, hone your skills, get closer to YHWH, and learn how your spiritual gifting works with your natural gifting, do not oppress others with poor pay, or giving to the wrong places (YHWH will bless you for giving to people and places that live out YARAH wholeheartedly) and avoid people hoping for a supernatural return from the world, or making investments to the children of the world.  Tighten down for obedience and I do not mean work late hours because technically we are to only work during the day, yes, even today.  YHWH tells us to seek him early in the morning (Proverbs 8:17 KJV).  YHWH says to seek him mid-day and at night (Psalm 1:2 KJV) so when would we have time if we are working all day? YHWH has the first and last time of the day so when we awaken who can do that if we are rushing out the door or instantly starting to work?  I also do not mean working on Sabbath if you do not have to work.

Building a business on faith is concrete and not as abstract as Greek/Roman Theology teaches or some fanciful idea of lazy people.  Emunah is the action of walking out YARAH (TORAH) because the laws, statutes, and commands of YHWH are instructions.  Torah means teachings so he is teaching us how to live so that we can prosper here on earth and prepare for YAHOSHUA’s return and the new set apart and righteous city, new Yerushalayim (Strong H3389).  Revelation 21:2 KJV

Since most people do not think ahead, they believe that living now for later does not matter, and many elect to repent on their death beds, but the question is it true repentance?  And since the scriptures say if we are willing to continue in sin there is no salvation for us, so it is fruitless.  Yes, there will be some that can repent before death but not all so why take the risk? And instead of live each day according to YHWH’s word.  Since I know I must work why would I allow the lies of the wicked to make me think YARAH’s blessings do not apply to my business work and in the home?  I am one and I must fight to stop people from trying to make me split to be a double-minded person again.  Sadly, they are so blinded by the selfishness of their own hearts that they do not see the truth of cause and effect.  Cause we have sinned the effect is struggles, spiritual death, illness, and eventually a physical death of no return.

Home is where the heart is

When I consider my salvation, I can make the connection to my roots of YARAH even stronger.  I can reconnect by repentance and being more than, just a hearer of the word, I am a doer.  Once I applied YAHOSHUA’s teachings to my life (home and business) I can see the power that wickedness works to keeps us from and no I will not go into detail, but I know what you need to know is in the scriptures and if you do not want to submit that is your choice.  However, I am and will share the YARAH as much as possible and that is key to growing your business on faith (Emunah) a fastening to the word.    

Following the ten commandments with understanding is a start.  Do not learn the ways of the heathen (today this is the world beast system) Jeremiah (Yiramiah) 10:2 KJV.  We are told not to study anything before John but the power to overcome those that conspire against us is in the entire Bible.  Stepping out on faith comes from when YHWH told Father Avraham (Abraham) to go but YHWH did not tell him where he was going but Abba Avraham did not question and he continued in righteousness, and he went (Genesis 12:1 KJV).  We are stepping out that what YHWH wrote in our hearts is in scriptures (and confirming this truth by study and acknowledgment of his truth- we read the scriptures) and we ARE going back to the old paths of YHWH, although the pagans among Yis’real chose not to go back.

Yiramiah (Jeremiah) 6:16 KJV – Thus say YHWH, stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is a good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.  But they (people in the verse before this one in 6:15) said we will not walk therein.

I also do not want to mislead you that although I know we are rich in spirit there are struggles in the natural.  I had things taken from me because of my sins and I had to let some things go so I could restart.  But through it all the spirit of suicide no longer had a hold on me and although in a powerful spiritual struggle YAHOSHUA is and was with me and in me the entire way.  Scriptures are truly our armor you have to suit up by loading it into your spirit and then do not be afraid to use it to protect, not harm others, but protect yourself and your family (part of your wealth).  Let the scriptures transform and restore you.

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