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Business and CashApp Payments

I admit that cash app is one of my favorite applications on the personal side of accounting.  Why?  Although you can pull cash app reports reconciling cash app can be a pain, and getting the money to the bank can also throw off your banking process.  What do you do when you do not want to miss out on receiving a payment?  Tell your customer they can pay using their cash app card inside of the app.

Until cashapp works, out the business side, your clients can pay the invoice by using the card information from the cash app.  If you have one income account and one opex account, the cash app needs to connect to the income account to receive payment.  Cashapp will not allow you to change bank accounts very easily.  I would recommend using Cashapp to make reoccurring bill payments as it will deter unplanned drafts to your bank account but that account would need to link to your operating expenses account.

When accepting your client payments, I recommend sticking with a couple of primary merchant services for payment acceptance.  Another option today is an electronic check with Deluxe e-checks.    Trying to monitor each platform can eat into your time, and the expense to maintain the merchant account fees add up.  If you are trying to avoid those fees, why?  The merchant account fees are deductible, and remember, free is not always best. 

Here’s an example to direct your customers to the cashapp cards if needed.

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