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Creating Accounting Processes That Flow

Although accounting does not have an easy button adjusting to your accounting processes and procedures needs to become a part of your daily routines.  I have found that there are different types of business owners when it comes to understanding accounting.  One spectrum will oversimplify accounting, and the other side is making it too hard.  Some people will add in steps when they do not understand the process or terminology.  I want to say it is helpful when other business owners talk to each other, but many think that “free” advice is all they need.  Perhaps you visit free websites for accounting advice.  I admit there are some dishonest people that add additional steps. Most of us are not dishonest.  I am not, and I do not add steps because I also do not like wasting my time.  Time is money, and I want to see the fruits of our labor.

Sadly some people only see accounting as a high potential for making money, but again that is not all of us.  Many do not understand accounting, but anyone can claim to do your bookkeeping and often label that as accounting to charge you accountant prices.  Today, the accounting software handles the bookkeeping.  Your accounting software is not your accountant. Most people don’t realize that although they can replace their bookkeeper with accounting software, you can not replace your accountant with accounting software. Read more: Deciding between an Accountant or a Bookkeeper

We use accounting software to help you organize and streamline your accounting tasks.  Remember, simplifying and organizing is what we need, and this is not the same as an easy button by cutting out the necessary functions. 

Balance Example

First, the business owner will need to understand the required accounting processes, and then we can watch and evaluate as accounting software makes that process easier to complete. More comfortable to complete means that we still have to complete the required steps to provide a needed outcome.  If we need to determine if a service or product is profitable, we need to know the financial performance.  Often people receive revenue from a potential service but don’t realize they spent more to roll out the service than they earned.  Net profit is an essential piece in maintaining and growing your business.

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