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Mastering Your Wealth Is Your Responsibility


I know it can be easy to dismiss certain tasks when we are overwhelmed with all that we have going on, but I realized as many things were flying around 5 years ago that I needed to take back control of my wealth management and building wealth. First, I had to relearn the meaning of wealth. I always wonder why the things I held dear to me seem to be at the bottom of the list for others and YHWH showed me this scripture; Mattiyahu 6:24 KJV, no man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one and love the other; or else he will hold to the one and despise the other. Ye cannot serve YAH and Mammon.

YHWH allowed me to immediately see the spirit of Mammon is the demonic Ruach-ra and is a legion of demonic forces. The first thing I needed to do was separate the spirit of the Mammon of the world from the real wealth. And so, the battle begins over my mind, over my spirit, to break free of the things that were trying to break and destroy me. I knew there had to be a better way to manage our personal and business wealth. Deuteronomy 6 explains wealth according to YHWH. I noticed those are considered for poor people but since I know people have very different and insane ideas of what they call wealth I am fine with learning a new way to view wealth. I also know jealous people will redefine the wealth of others all the time so they can belittle those that have what they want to make themselves feel better. The spirit of laziness wants wealth but does not want to work to earn or maintain their wealth because their pride says it should all be given to them freely (another twisting of the scriptures of course.)

Maintaining your wealth is your responsibility and the moment you decided you do not want to participate you will experience an increase in spiritual attacks on your wealth.


  1. The Ability to seek YHWH in all I do, to have an understanding of YHWH of YHWH’s YARAH, YAHOSHUA, and his YHWH’s Kingdom. (Things will be added when we seek YHWH first)
  2. Sound Mind- The indwelling of the Ruach of YHWH- Spiritual increase from YAHOSHUA
  3. Good Health
  4. Children that honor and obey YHWH and you. A marriage that both parties honor and obey YHWH. Family and friends that honor and obey YHWH. – People the much.
  5. Time and Freedom
  6. Healthy Land
  7. Food- animals and vegetation
  8. Clean Water
  9. Silver and Gold or other precious material made by YHWH.
  10. Trading elements or supplies like money.
  11. No debt

When we decide we will seek YHWH first to the world this means we have given up on trying for things. After all, to the world, how can you get things to show you are wealthy if you only read scriptures all day and pray all day. Of course, the fallacy of religious lie of understanding how to worship YHWH as worship is action, action upon what we study and read. Yes, there is a period in time that some of us may need a set apart time for studying and understanding.  But daily and weekly we are in action on what we learn, know, and understand because that what the weekly Sabbaths and the Appointed Sabbaths are for ordered by YHWH of the scriptures. Malek Dauid (King David) said in Psalm 119:97 KJV – Mem m. O how love I thy Torah (teachings, commandments, statutes, ordinances) (YARAH)! Your YARAH (Torah) is my meditation all day!

If you do not find joy in the study of YARAH, start thereby questioning your heart and ask YHWH to show you why? Also, if you like, you can ask Him to change your heart and make a new heart in you so you can and will enjoy his YARAH. HIS YARAH is wealth for it is his wisdom from above. Worship is an action or fastening to live out his YARAH. Religion teaches people that it is fine to read the Bible, but they supposedly warn people to only stay in a certain area of the Bible and do not take it seriously by taking it to heart, believing it is so true that you do what is taught from the scriptures. Why is it so important we release our power to them?

Wealth management is in the YARAH. “Where?” You may say. Well, if I directly point out scripture then instead of helping you, I am hurting you because you do not get the time spent to seek out a matter. Therefore, when we seek out a matter, we will have a deeper appreciation and understanding. Everyone knows there is a divide between those that the world calls rich and those they call poor. Although poor to them does not mean poor. Poor or poverty means destitute or having nothing but when you listen to the reports people consider working people earning less than $33,000 a year as poor.   How is that poor?  Because if you have income that means you have something.  But to curve the understanding that you are not completely without anything or destitute governing bodies and society institute laws and regulations that will cause you to be without. Therefore, increasing the divide between poor and rich mentally.

Poor in the scriptures refer to spiritual poverty more so than being without what we need in the natural. Someone can have no money but have a growing and productive garden and still have food. So, we cannot say they cannot afford food because they figured out how to grow food. Perhaps they use all their money to grow food because money inflow and outflow can be fickle sometimes, but this still does not mean they are poor. Spiritual poverty in the scriptures is without YHWH or YAHOSHUA. If you do not have YHWH, you have nothing, period. That is the meaning of poverty. People in the scriptures know a man and woman of YHWH because they had abundance. How do you visualize abundance if it was not in the natural and spiritual? We can prove this as true that people of YHWH had wealth including money because today people think someone without money is poor or they lost everything because they are sinners. Although a superficial perception that thought still proves that the people of YHWH were not all ragged all the time. Yes, there is a period that we suffer because of sin or because of an upcoming spiritual promotion to the next level because of our obedience but being willing to be taken down to just YHWH is a requirement to make into the Kingdom of Heaven, we can see this with the rich young ruler.

But people today would rather lie, cheat, steal, and kill rather than let their circles know they are low on cash or if they earn less than $200,000.00 a year. I can confirm many people claiming not to have money to get free or low-cost services (YHWH calls this oppression), but they had more than enough to pay my full price for my services. I had to take responsibility and stand up to them by cutting these things off.  Setting boundaries and then upholding boundaries in your business is essential to your bottom line. You need to care about your bottom line if you do not you will continue the same unprofitable business path. Learning from the past can change the present and the future. I love how the Hebraic culture we look back and review what went wrong and how can we correct that using YARAH. We know we got off track with sin, there is no question.

We are responsible for our wealth because YHWH tells us how the laborer (worker) will profit. He mentions blessing everything we put our hands to do as long as we keep YARAH (Torah). Working in righteous income is what we need to do. Not time-wasting affirmations that you are blessed and certainly not the covetous "name it and claim it" witchery. Work but not just any work, righteous work (Devarim -Deuteronomy 28:12 KJV). We can not work in everything the children of the world work in, and we do not operate the way they operate. Luke 16:9-11 if we cannot be trusted with worldly riches how can we be trusted with true riches?

I do not write this post to encourage some religious false belief that wealth management for the true believer is only spiritual. I put to you today it is both natural and spiritual and as business owners delegating this important assignment will harm your wealth because it takes work. If you want to be off having fun while you make others work, you will find slowly you have to work harder through mammon to squeeze out success. Instead, your wealth is also in your abilities and how we learn to manage all supplies including money. I know people that do not want to look at the numbers, yet they call someone that walks in the scriptures irresponsible proving people have lost the ability to reason. As a true believer I know I have to manage my wealth and look at my numbers to understand my accounting so that I can manage my business well according to YARAH.  YHWH says wise is this person. HalleluYAH!!

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