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The Importance of Productive Business Management Tasks


Written and Produced by Yashyka Bayt Yash'real (Yaschica Coard)

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Handling business management task is also known as working on your business. Working in a business without having time to follow up with certain tasks will lead to stress and disorganization in a business. Most people want business freedom, but I have learned over the years that society teaches us business freedom is dumping work on others so the owner can play all day and that is much different than what I know when I think business freedom. I noticed when I would share comments about business freedom people would think I was caught up in the same rhetoric and marketing ploys. People that earn higher levels of income believe everyone in their organization must work unspeakably long work hours at low pay to accomplish business freedom.

I know the common tactic of promising to spend more time with the Most High YHWH but as soon as more money comes in, they make excuses that they do not have time to continue in obedience. Slowly the observance of Sabbath studies and rest fade away with the religious excuse you can observe that day at any time and that is an outright lie. The Most High YAH and YAHOSHUA did not change the Sabbath rest day, and neither can man. The feast days are the same and learning about YHWH’s calendar is important to getting back on track in Torah.

I can say that turning back to Torah is not easy and YAHOSHUA warns of this point.

Markus (Mark) 10:29 KJV  And YAHOSHUA answered and said, Verily I say unto you, There is no man that hath left house, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my sake, and the covenant, 30 But he shall receive an hundredfold now in this time, houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and lands, with persecutions; and in the world to come eternal life. 31 But many that are first shall be last; and the last first.

I know as we read this scripture, we overlook “with persecutions”. We also overlook this part because the religious “my truth” thought movement preaches to people to ignore what you do not like. Religion teaches that blessed people of YHWH will not have any problems. But they do not tell you they do not serve the real YHWH and that they (the children of the world) will not come against you because they have destroyed you already by you joining them. Here we see we will be blessed for our obedience to YARAH, but we will be persecuted by the world for conforming to the Torah. This verse also relates to   2 Divrei (Corinthians) 12:9 KJV.

  • There is a Bible verse that says, “in your weakness I am made strong.” 2 Divrei (Corinthians) 12:9 KJV. And he said, “my grace is sufficient” My blessing and power are made known through your pressing, affliction, and persecution from the children of HaSatan (those that will hate and torture the people of YHWH). You will be made weary, and you can find rest in me in your humbling, crushing, and refinement (Zechariah 13:9 KJV, Malachi 3:3 KJV, Isaiah 48:10 KJV)) when you return to my covenant. You will find rest in my power in my Ruach and in my covenant. The Hebrew meaning translates this version. So much deeper than the limited translations. What the world calls “weakness” is the humbling and return to Torah in the spirit the acceptance of the Almighty YHWH only and this requires death to pride (the love of self).  Crushing Fear Article: My Grace (Hen) is Sufficient.

A weakness is humbling, a pressing, a crushing in that we understand YHWH is the supreme power (Alohym some cultures use Elohym but since the first letter is an Aleph, I will use Alohym.) I am thankful for the weaknesses because now YHWH can make me strong from the inside out and I become a pleasing vessel in His sight!

I have the understanding that I am a submitted (being made clean) vessel and I also know my Alohym does not operate in chaos. If you believe serving YHWH means you are free just to see where the “flow goes,” (also known as unplanned, doubleminded, and disorder), you are one of the wavering people not fastened to anything and you avoid commitments like a plague.

Working with unstable and disorganized people are the worst part of my business. I understand we need to learn better habits so those that are willing to change are the best to work with for me and that compares to our submission to the mitzvah of YHWH.   YHWH does not trick or force us into submission. Most people falsely understand the story of Jonah (Yonah) was not forced to go to Nineveh. Yonah was a submitted servant, but Yonah decided to pass his own judgement against Nineveh and so therefore in his self-righteousness he had to be humbled. Many religious circles love to use this story as if he was forced to serve YHWH.  Yonah was in the belly of the great fish for 3 days. I recently learned an olive goes through three pressings and just as YAHOSHUA was in the tomb for 3 whole days and then arouse again. YHWH told Pharoah to let his people go so the people of Yis’real could spend 3 days in the wilderness I believe it was 3 years.

Understanding that as a submitted servant and willing vessel my tasks are guided through Torah (YARAH), and this is not a Jewish thing. If you claim to follow Bible scriptures than you are claiming to follow Torah already. If you do not want to follow Torah, put our Bible down. But if you are a follower than we know there is an internal need to organize things and once you have a taste of organized processes believe the peace and relief it brings to know you can administer productive fruitful work is so rewarding.

Hebrew Orderpng

Handling business management task for accounting has been reduced to after the fact bookkeeping. As accountants jump ship to chase money as “financial” advisors. Financial means “the end.” So, if you want the end of your finances go ahead. I know accounting means being accountable and good stewarding (a chief manager of productive results of what you have). Accountants are business managers, guides, directors, stewards in directing a profit flow.   

The more the word “flow” comes to mind as I think about workflow, or an orderly flow as opposed to the chaotic storm surge that pushes us around out of order, I find joy in understanding that I have been given the power of clarity. You cannot walk around without wise righteous action just thinking so-called “good thoughts”. I know and have the confidence in YHWH that he will provide, lead, teach, train, cleanse, order my steps, and while leading me to walk out my salvation through the flow of his hands and his Ruach.

The spiritual and natural words were created in the very beginning to connect so work without this righteous connection is a winding cold path that people claim they have joy, but they are imagining things are working or using 3-D blinders to “create the life they want.” The spiritual and natural management of our business is connected by our root systems through YAHOSHUA. I had to allow YHWH to break me down to just depending on him and it was hard, but it was the best thing ever! Today I know I need to get to know HIM, and the world keeps us from that by pushing us to believe we need to be so busy we do not have time for anything. Most people live in fear that if they observe the Sabbath, they will lose business and if you do not recognize that as fear and doubt in YHWH you are worshiping the ways of the world.   Having Sabbath and Sabbath prep are the best days for help me to prepare for the week to come and how to manage and tackle everything I need to do. Something will be delegated eventually but only when YHWH brings the right person because trying to force growth like the business world will cause increase with regret. YHWH give increase without regret and he strengths us from the inside first before you will see monetary increase.

Productive business management requires workflows if you would like to have sustainable increase in your business. Do you just want to grow and fall short when you cannot handle the workload or the cost? Or do you want to show your clients you can manage our days off, family as well as serve them accordingly? Now this requires non-selfish and clients, most likely, with the same belief system. Everyone else will try and force you to be a slave to them.

So, let’s get started with creating a business accounting plan that will steward your business, create, and optimize productive, beneficial systems, which will help you increase profits.

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