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Your Accountant and Your Accounting Software

Accountant and Software

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Do I need an accountant if I have accounting software?

I know many people worry about software or applications eliminating the need for people.  However, regardless of what we see in movies, the software needs a trained person to run the software.  Many of the daily tasks that software provides has reduced the work of the bookkeeper.  Someone must complete bookkeeping, but software has provided a way to complete those tasks faster.  Since the software has reduced the need for a bookkeeper your accountant can remain in our capacity as maintenance, review, training, and advising.  Bookkeeping is only a piece of accounting and many small business owners, unlike big business owners, miss the benefits of having an accountant. 

Your software is used to accumulate receipts, track spending, accumulate and track sales, organize your data into one central hub to assist the business owner with better data analysis for growing a sustainable and profitable business.  If your goal is only to make money you will lose money.  Why?  Because people that only see the sale without regard to how much they spend are operating on the feeling of the sale.  Most shopaholics do not want to know how much they spend and when this happens in business you have a loss.  A business owner that would like a business that last will understand that a sustainable and profitable business is worth the work.

Software is the hub that the business owner and the accountant share to bring all your activities to one place.  If you do not have all information in your software, we, the accountants, are unable to give you an accurate picture.  Also, if you are trying to use your accountant as a bookkeeper you can not complain when you spend more on the account because their normal position is review.  Software is the bookkeeper but a business owner or a person delegated to manage the software is needed.  An accountant trained in your software can train the business owner or the delegated person to enter the information.  The best method is to use your software as a place to initiate most transactions before moving outside to the vendor systems. 

The answer is although you may not need a bookkeeper anymore you will need an accountant.  Implementing the professional advice of a well-trained accountant has proven to increase profits. 

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