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BPASC Ask The Accountant Estimate to Invoice Course

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All my courses are based on the inspiration of the Ruach (spirit) of YHWH.  I do not nor will I ever sell Bible scriptures and verses.  I sell education and training action items based on business accounting operations rooted in scripture and I can sell processes and procedures because we the people of YHWH are business owners. 

Making the connection of various business processes is important to building productive business workflows. I know any time that we feel as if we are all over the place, we can lose hope and it seems as if we lose ground. Often, we can feel as if we are always starting over as we begin one process only to jump to something else that seems easier. Or one person gives negative feedback, and we ditch the entire process by not considering all the other feed from the people that like the new process. Negative people cannot be a driving force when managing our business because you are always going to have to deal with negative people. I have learned to judge my processes internally and the overall results checking for improvement.  Although someone complains and I do consider it to see if it is valid, but I ask myself, overall was the process much smoother?

Most often your processes work but society has most people programmed to fight the order. We can tell by the number of people that kick against the acknowledge the truth of the scriptures daily. I have worked for many companies that implement employee guidelines and policies only to give special treatment to certain people. The purpose of a policy or guideline is not to control people but to set a standard that will help with workflow. When you have a workflow and piece of the cycle decides to go its own way it stops the process. Slowing down for exceptional cases will always delay work. One of the things that encouraged me to stop allowing “particular cases” is the instruction not to play favorites. YHWH says we do not favor one person over another. I know that set my mind free from thinking I must please people. I confirm the scriptures are not man-made by how much chaos arises when we go against YHWH’s instructions. I am not afraid to tell someone no and to redirect them. Whether you know it or not having processes in place will benefit you and your clients.

Since I know customer service is not supposed to be people-pleasing, I am able to respect people but not worship them. The current market system has turned customer service into people-pleasing to drive the small business owner out of business. Why? Because we can not support people-pleasing for the reasons mentioned above. People-pleasing eats into our time and our money, and it is a form of worship. Making the connection that it is dysfunctional will hopefully help us let go of the fear to lose a sale.

Now that you understand the importance of processes and sticking to your cycles you can understand the importance of a sales flow. If you would like to experience the mental break and peace of mind that optimizing your sales flow will bring, avoid allowing people to deviate from your system, and by doing so you will improve client management. Once you manage clients, as I have a selection process because everyone with money is not a good client, I know them as prideful spirits that think money can open any door for them, you will operational and more cash flow in your business. You need to know the real potentials because implementing the accounting process does take time and normally people that work out of fear of losing the sale will do anything for the sale.

Since I have a selection process if the potential makes it past the first system, I can move forward to accepting payments. One of the things that bothered me before I had a sales flow in place was the battle to keep people on track. My system more than a sales speech for getting people into the door. A sales flow consists of steps for setting clarity or defining the expectations of the client's needs so what I provide will supply that need. Next, setting standards for working together so the client can not underhandly push my boundaries to get more than agreed, and this is customary practice for the children of the world. People will come in the door lying and since they do not walk in YARAH they believe this is fine and the answer to this is to answer the fool according to their folly. We do not have to put up with this trickery and laying this out in detail is one level of defense for the scope of work. The terms of services of how this works, make sure you obtain signatures and include the refund policy because some people believe if they do not like any part of your service, they deserve a refund. I stress ignoring my agreements will not result in a refund. I am protecting my money by having this process in place and it may seem like extra work or steps, but I found a way to make it easier on myself using the software. I can quickly go through the steps depending on the client. I have some that fight the process, but they just make it hard on themselves and I keep moving with other work.

The easy button people cost us money so do not make your process easier for them by eliminating steps, instead, over time learning more about your tools will improve the speed of the process. I learned the hard way the people that you allow to skip steps will use it against you later. We must fight a trend of people falsely claiming refunds and people reversing payments and the only way to get your money back is to follow the steps listed above. I will roll out a course on the sales process for your documents leading up to the estimate or invoice process, later. Today we are going to cover the estimate to invoice in this course.

The estimate and the quote are commonly used terms and practices for the sales process for business owners, but we need to know the difference between an estimate a quote.  Neither is your final document for invoicing.  Although software can confuse us on this front as well there is a substantial difference, and you should not be surprised that your clients know even if we do not know. The potential buyer will use this lack of knowledge against you, so I am here to help you.

The estimate is the best route. Why? The estimates have your price, make sure you understand pricing first you can learn more in my pricing course, next the cost of goods sold, and the cost of services sold, and any expenses related directly to the sale. You will need to include this in the estimate and if the client accepts you can move to invoice. The client may change or add things in later so the estimate may change. Therefore, we call the document an estimate because it is an estimate for the sales price. The final invoice normally is different. Some people may accept a partial payment. People know and understand the estimate can change and often it does change setting the expectations that we do not have all the factors to give you a set price.

A quote is a set price regardless of the changes regardless of the ending cost.  A quote is set even if the ending price creates a loss to the business owner.  What can you do about this issue? Often nothing because the client will claim you are trying to switch pricing just to get the sale. You end up locked into something the client knew would cost you more than you quoted, and this is why they love new business owners. I have also experienced people that purposely leave out information to get a lower price. People will call this “negotiation” or “bargaining.” Since unspoken or spiritual people know you can not change this price. I have learned the people of YAH are not held to any unspoken agreements. If we see someone cheated or they are attempting to cheat us regardless of who they serve, we are spiritually released from the agreement. Common business practice does not teach us this fact.

The best route is to leave the door open to change and normally the buyer’s response is to disclose all factors so they can get the best price upfront. You see people want to cheat pricing by negotiating instead of comparing prices.  Yes, we all know about how some dishonest business owners bate and switch but very few people talk about the lying client. The quote became popular because of the dishonest business owner. Internally accounting can see the detriment to profit when people “play dumb” to get free work.  My goal is to help you protect your money all while giving the client fair pricing and quality service. Creating a workflow that will help you with estimates to the final payment is essential to keeping what we need to earn coming into the business. I would recommend taking my pricing course as well so you can get set with your pricing, so you know it is fair and affordable.

Creating the estimate and using your accounting software can aid, you, the business owner with collecting sales approvals and partial payments (when combined with a merchant account) even when you are closed or working on another sale. I like processes that do the work for me and or allow the client self-service options and all I must do is monitor the software to make sure it is working correctly.  I can allow the software to ease the work from the steps I need to complete with some automation. Although setup takes thought and time it is worth the work for the initial setup. Hiring external companies are a thing of the past and I do not have to hire an employee to help. But if you do hire an employee, you will help them, make the sales process and the accounts receivable portion much easier. I will show you how to get started in this course.

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