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Is there an easy button when it comes to accounting and taxes? You may know by now, if you follow the blogs or podcast, you may notice that I don’t like to string people along, so the answer is no! 4 years ago, I got caught up with a former accountant turned money coach, and she wanted me to “make it easy” for people to sign on and take out the tasks. She wanted me to give away the services for free by giving what they needed to do upfront. 

I paid for her services, but soon I realized I knew and had implemented most of the things she was showing me. You see, I have studied, observed, worked hard, and thankfully I have been blessed with gifts and talents in accounting from The Most High YAH. I spend time learning more because things change, and I realize how much she left out. She told me I needed to take on more tasks, but it turns out people want to delegate without paying the bookkeeper a decent fee.  

I warn that the easy button is putting people in a bind financially because they fail to understand what it means to create systems that can handle accounting requirements and reporting. I know many people want to discuss budgeting and future planning, but we must have a base figure to provide it. Accountants call it your financial picture. We use financial reports to help us see the business operations, owner investments, and other business functions so we can estimate future growth and spending. Still, you, the client, must provide documentation. Side note: If you have an accountant that will use personal deductions in your business software, you did not hit the jackpot, but you will have a problem down the road. 

 Many people approach me when discussing their current accounting processes and say to me, “that’s all you have to do.” I am confused because I see several missing steps and procedures that either can be simplified or corrected. Most people have received bad advice that they carry on into their business, and when they lose money, receive tax penalties, have issues with payroll, or have high tax bills, they don’t understand they have left out many of the required steps in accounting and taxes.

Instead of waiting too late and paying larger bills to have your software learn the proper accounting practices and procedures for your business.  

I recommend you learn proper accounting practices from a trained accountant, instead of waiting too late and paying larger bills.

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Is There An Easy Button In Accounting?

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