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Prioritizing Accounting Routines and Pricing

B&P Accounting Solutions Podcast: Episode 552019

As I sit dPodcast Blog 552019 8own to look at my to-do list, I can let it overwhelm me, or I can be thankful because “whom much is given much is expected.” My next thought is to determine the order of the day? How can I accomplish the primary steps for the day and in what order? Yes, the problem isn’t that I have a lot to do but in what order do I need to complete the tasks. Some tasks are like baking. There are specific steps that we must take days before we complete the process.

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We must set aside time to complete specific tasks. If we say yes to a particular project, then we are saying no to others. Saying yes to a project means I have sold a block of time. We only have so much time in a day. I often hear from people, “I need more time in a day,” but the truth is we have what we need. What we need is to learn how to best use that time.

Pricing is a packaged process because creating packages is selling a block of time.

What does it mean to block out time? If I sell 5 hours you receive a reduced hourly rate and you receive 5 hours of my time focused throughout the month. As opposed to those that sell you a set priced package without a set number of hours. Why? Because this person will double book themselves and will not have time for the project.

Your purchased hours apply to what your business needs and includes correspondence and a monthly call or as needed calls. You must be aware that if you use all your time for calls than there’s no time for the actual work. So again, calls and or meetings must be planned out.

When planning a project and your schedule you have to know what is needed to complete the plan and also allow for things to go wrong.




Author:  Y. Michelle Coard

Accountant, Profit Strategist, Owner of

Business & Personal Accounting Solutions, Corp.


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