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Productive Accounting Processes Begin with Routines

The hardest thBPAS Podcast Image Episode 4212019ing in building a business is finding and sticking with programs and systems that work.  Often, we believe that what we know will continue to work.  We must get uncomfortable to find a better system and flow.  Building a business never ends because hopefully, your business is always growing. 





Don't get stuck in the old. Trying to hold onto outdated plans and systems will slow us down.  In my business, I wanted to use a system that I hoped would work, but it was more time consuming than I thought so three years ago amid tax season I tried something new and each year I built on that new system. 

This year I did the same thing, and each year the tax process is improving for my clients and I.  I monitor my mistakes as well as the successes,  I make adjustments and I move forward.  Although I had a system, I thought worked a trusted partner was able to help me dig deeper into the system and integrate additional applications that often work together.  Now I can grow on each application and process.  I develop and test without jumping systems. 

How do I keep the system from getting old again without creating constant chaos? 

I assess my productivity, get client feedback, check cost and compare income for 3 years.   Order is essential in my business, and I hold on to my routine of testing a process before rolling it out because what I do in the heart of my business will impact my clients.

Y. Michelle Coard

Author and Profit Strategist, Owner of B&P Accounting Solutions


Listen to the blog: Productive Accounting Processes and Routines. 

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