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Protecting Your Profits
Spotting A Negotiator Series

A negotiator will cost many business owners profits because they like to find ways to pay less than the set price. If you are in business not to earn a profit, you are in an expensive hobby. If you have the opportunity to be a business owner, set your mindset to make profits.

When I say earn profits, I do not mean to do anything to make a profit but learn the correct way to organize your business accounting processes, policies, and cash management to set pricing. You will need to create a pricing plan to earn enough to sustain and grow your business. I don’t want you to get stuck in the “just earning enough” or thinking all you need is to break even. If you settle for just enough, you could hinder your business growth.

Pricing is the starting place for growing your business. If you are coming from a sales background or from an employee background, you may not realize there are costs associated with your sales, and you must go beyond sales income. Learn more about cost and expenses and learn more about net profit. When I first began business ownership, I had much to learn as well. Most people, even college people, are not trained in business ownership. Spotting a negotiator was an essential lesson I had to learn. No one warned me about this type of person, so I want to share this with my fellow business owners. Many will not want me to share this message because this is how they increase their bottom line. Many dishonest business owners increase the bottom line by underpaying people or not paying at all, and this is taught in major so-called rich or higher income circles.

I will break this lesson down into four blogs, so I don’t overwhelm you with all this information, and so I can keep the words count close to 350😊.

I am almost at my limit, so this is the introductory blog. Thank you for following along, and I hope you will learn how to protect your profits!

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