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Protecting Your Profits

Spotting A Negotiator Part 1

A negotiator is someone that believes they should have the lowest price. They believe they have the power to control your prices and what you will provide. Many of them will often get their way because most business owners want to satisfy the fear that comes with business ownership. Many have seen a family member struggle while being in a business owner, or perhaps you have seen someone with a big business that was never around. Being in business can be unsettling once you learn your salary is based on what you earn. Many business owners also believe they can’t take time off or turn down a sale. Here’s where you have to have the faith to know The Most High provides because to conquer that feeling will take faith.

Spotting a negotiator trained in what they call the “art of a good deal” will leave you upset, overworked, and underpaid. I as I mentioned in the introductory blog, I had to learn the hard way. When I speak to most people, it’s almost like they believe you have to take on the ways of the world (lie, cheat, steal, or work yourself or someone else to death) to make a profit. I want to show you that you can have working boundaries and create a profit. The first part of this process is spotting the negotiators.

You will recognize a negotiator by their manipulative practices.

Episode 72020 no 1

That’s right, that look for ways to reduce your price.  Keep in mind they do not understand what it takes to do the job they hired you to do.  You are not obligated to give a pricing breakdown but make sure you are being fair in your pricing.  You want to be honest.

Episode 72020 no 2

They will always ask for lower pricing. Make sure you set up pricing and stick to it or you will agree to a deal that you will lose. Did you know that the original mean of negotiate means pain?

Episode 72020 no 3

You can break down your services but you don’t have to share all of your pricing details.

Episode 72020 no 4

Listen but don’t agree to something that will not benefit you in the end.

Episode 72020 no 5

This is a tactic to take you back to trick number 1. Stick to your pricing because normally they will try and find a loophole to get all that work for nothing or get out of paying for future work.

On the next blog we will continue with the series. You can build your pricing plan here: https://bpaccountingsolutions.com/creating-a-fair-pricing-plan/course/4-financial-management/28-creating-a-fair-pricing-plan

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