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Protecting Your Profits
Spotting A Negotiator Series Part 2

If you did not ready the introductory blog go and check that out now. Also, check out the first blog before moving forward. In this blog we pick up with number 5 and if you did not read the introductory or part 1 you will not understand part 2.   I am happy you are following this series as you build out your pricing you are going to run into people that will give you a hard time but as long as you have reviewed your pricing stay firm. I want us to change the fact that the small business owner had to go under because they could earn profit, pay themselves, or pay taxes. All 3 pieces are required to sustain and grow your business.

#5 Negotiators promise future business. (supposedly to test your services.)

The negotiator like to offer the promise of future services if you give them a low price. You will lose money on this deal because often the project requires more from you than they originally disclosed. Also they will use this one to take you back to number 1.

#6  and #7 -Negotiators want to connect personally.

The negotiator will want to personally connect.  Normally to learn something to use to control the pricing and the situation.  Remember keep business and personal separate.   I don’t mean you can’t be pleasant but remember don’t share anything that’s private.  Many want to hangout and connect.  Many people have good intentions, but the friends and family discount will ruin your business.  Charge your friends and family what you would charge anyone else and this will not be a problem.  Again, keep the personal interaction to a minimum because this is only a tactic to manipulate you.

#8 Negotiators drag out multiple free meetings

 Watch the multiple free meetings.  Normally, this turns into a work meeting and will continue on with questions.  Set up a way people can see your knowledge  without you having to work for free.  You are in business to earn money.

#9  They Love Free Services and Will Often Brag About Free Services

Part 3 Podcast:

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