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Time Management Accounting Routines and Money


Time Management Accounting Routines and MoneyFinancially we must manage our time because time is money. If you only focus on passive income, you will miss walking in your calling. Passive income is good but if your only thought is how to raise prices and do less work you missed the mark of people first and then money. We want to work proficiently and efficiently. How many people can I serve effectively? What is the cost to help me support them and still be present with them, my creator, my family, friends, and life? How can I take days off and not be afraid we may not meet our needs?

Social Media 2 MO 2019 13Is the answer to raise prices and automate? Sometimes that's the case but not always. I heard from a trainer, "automation is not the practice of disconnecting with clients, but automation is a process to perform necessary reoccurring tasks automatically so that you can be present with more clients."

My clients and I collaborate about how we can save money as well as time on necessary processes. Sometimes we need to spend more money to make more time available. We think about how we can maximize the time we have in a day to work on the other necessary pieces without losing sleep or time outside of the business. Over the last year, I have learned to better manage my time and I have rested more while income increased.

My goal is not less time with my clients but more time with them. The tools we use help us take care of the reoccurring everyday tasks we must complete in business to free up time for clients and working on the business to grow.  I've learned that purchasing powerful tools will help me accomplish my goals of staying organized, productive, profitable, and efficient in my daily routines and financial goals.

Author:  Y. Michelle Coard

Accountant, Profit Strategist, Owner


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