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Higher Level Thinking As A Business Owner

The business world today considers an employee a slave.  I hope you find it helpful to understand the difference between a slave, a servant, and a laborer (worker).  A worker or labor can think for ourselves.  We can make agreements to what we want and need to earn, and then the work we agree upon is also up to the worker. We usually select jobs that we are skilled in trade to complete.  I am a professional accountant, for example, and therefore I choose the jobs that I know I can perform for a price that I set.

A servant is open to what is requested of them, and the person they serve would pay according to a mutual agreement that the servant and the boss (master) agree to work. Usually, this can be a general task, and the owner (boss) would train this person on what they need to do for them.  The person must work according to their set hours and days.  In exchange for this agreement, the servant would receive an agreed-upon payment for compensation.

A slave, however, works for free and does not have their freedom. Let's get real as the world, in general, has brainwashed everyone into treating a worker or servant as a slave.  The hiring party customarily referred to as the business owner or boss (boss is another word for master, by the way) will hire people and tell them what they will pay them and then normally give them jobs outside of the agreement on top of what they were originally hired to do.  Normally, this would be fine as it is an opportunity to learn, but additional pay would need to come with extra work. Typically, we are told to do it, or we know that we will lose our jobs if we don't.  Since states support this employer's practice at will letting people go, we really can't argue if we want to work.

If you are fine confirming with this practice, that will work for you.  However,  I am writing to those called to be business owners for you to step into this position to learn how to properly start a company, start your business, and treat your people as workers.  Break this cycle of mistreatment of our fellow people. You can build your business while making other business owners too.  Freedom is good.

The wording for how we treat employees is right here on the DOL.  The question is, how many people believe you read this and understand the meanings of words.

DOL Image


Written by: Y. Michelle Coard, B.A.S, A.A.S in Accountanting

Owner of B&P Accounting Solutions, Corp and Profit Strategist

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