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Cost Accounting Is The Way To Profit

If you do not know, cost accounting is the method for accounting for cost and expenses. Many business owners set a market sales price and then scramble to get the money they need to keep the business going. Because their prices bring in sales, but they often fail to reach breakeven. Allowing marketers to set your pricing or setting your pricing by the market is based on supply and demand, and that will play a big part in monitoring pricing floors and ceilings. Only use the market pricing to gauge how high or low your prices should go, but it cannot be the way you set your pricing. Most of us business owners offer a service, unlike anyone else. If you provide services that are set apart, niche, or rare, how you provide that service depends on you. Honestly, that means everyone can enter a particular business, but not everyone will be successful in that field.

If your business is your primary business, you need to earn income from this business. Your salary would be paid via this business. Many business owners that operate their business as side income will not understand a paid salary. I have met many business owners that say, “I don’t want to take any money out.” Not taking money out of business is an indication that it is not their primary stream of income. I know many of us started business as perhaps a hobby and eventually realized you could earn money, but your mindset did not change. I am happy you are here on my blogs as I look forward to helping you learning more about business ownership.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be on a business financial roller coaster where you have seasons without income. Even in your slow season, you should have retained earns. Retained earnings are money that you keep in the business and then spend during your slow season. Yes, we want steady income, but sometimes the slow season is vital to reassess your business processes, profit strategies, product or service analysis, growth projections, cashflow management, and more. You can also get away from the notion that small business owners can not take time off. We must have time off to re-energize and strengthen to continue handling so much day-to-day. Let’s get rid of the old beliefs that we can not be profitable in any season.   Your salary is a cost, so if you earn less than your wage broke down over a period, you will not make the goals you need to meet. Learn more about setting your pricing in our pricing course. "How To Build A Fair and Profitable Pricing Plan"     

Get off the proverbial rollercoaster of business ownership.  You can profit!  Learn more with the B&P Pricing Course.  All purchases are business deductible.   "How To Build A Fair & Profitable Pricing Plan."

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