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Earning Money and Waking in Torah is Possible

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Written by Y. Michelle Coard, Child of YAH, B.A.S, and A.A.S in Accounting, Accountant, Owner of Business & Personal Accounting Solutions, Corp., and Profit Strategist  - 5/6/2021 (RD 7/19/2021 on the gregorian calendar).

I admit for a long time I struggled with whether I could teach based on YARAH and earn money in a business.  As in if it was righteous or not?  I noticed people allow the spirit of mammon to keep us in lack because we cannot work in sin, and we must refuse to sin.  Religion and greed force people to set up an organization as a donation funnel or missionary but do I have to do either of these options?  The answer is no we do not work or live outside of YARAH.  Working means we earn money for actual work skills and talents that are based on YARAH.  We are not in disobedience for charging a fee for our work.  We also work for our earnings.  I am a service and product sales-based business, and I am not performing missionary work although I live and walk my business and life in Torah.  A mission or non- or not-for-profit creates and gives away products and services that people donate (so they do not have a cost to the service or product but they have costs associated with operations) so you would not pay them a set price but in a way, you do because you must donate.  Basically, they skip the haggling to allow the buyer (doner) to give what they choose but it is still a trade. 

So, the people of YHWH can own and run profitable businesses as long as we are in righteousness (in obedience to YARAH).  We, the people of YHWH, do not sell the word of YAH because teaching is the freely given portion given by YHWH.  I do not sell His word and I share it freely on two platforms.  When earning income, I can sell a service or product with righteousness in mind and action.  As I have grown in might in Torah, I can see how the people of YHWH earn a living from our skills and talents and this is not missionary service, nor does it mean we run our business and lives like the world.  Religion sells the word of YHWH, not us.  In turn, they have caused people to believe that if we profess our Emunah (faith) to YHWH we are selling his word.  Along the way people lose, the ability to reason and to understand we have gifts and talents that must work in Torah, in the Ruach (spirit) of YHWH, for trade for what we need to earn.  Service to YHWH is in and beyond temple work because we are also the temple of YHWH everywhere we go and, in our deeds, (everything we do).

Daily walking out the YARAH (Torah) can be compared to common business practices.  The world has a common business practice to bait and switch.  Worldly business owners have no problem lying about what they will give you.  Often the transactions end with the unrighteous error of giving you something less than explained.  I also consider the issue with haggling because people want more for less. Bait and switch do not disclose to the buyer what they are receiving for the price, or it leads the buyer to think they are receiving something other than what the seller advertised or discussed.  Bait and switch tactics are in error to YARAH (Torah) because they do not inform you of what you are receiving.  The people of YHWH are upfront.  Here is the price and this is what you will receive.  If you try to haggle the price you will change the delivery, or we cannot supply what you are asking but we let you know this upfront.  Why?  Because we say what we mean, and we mean what we say.  We do not defraud people (the ninth commandment of YARAH).  And there is a cost and benefits method to pricing and since people do not care about what it cost the seller, they always try to change the price without regard to how they hurt the seller.

I remember a time in my business, sadly it was rather recent as in a year before this blog, I would allow people to change the offers I had.  Many tried to tell me what they needed and did not need although they did not understand accounting.  Often, I would explain why they needed something, and the buyer would come back and change the agreement without discussion only to be upset when I had to give them what they forced upon me.  Let us consider the fact that as a trained accountant I understand the benefits of accounting, the needs, and requirements to have proper accounting processes and I realize there is not an easy button in accounting.  Therefore, I offer the full process in accounting.  Since many people do not understand accounting, they assume I am adding in unnecessary steps, but I am adding in required steps that they are not currently performing to process the expected outcome.  Many often wonder when they first come to me why their accounting files are a mess and will wrongly blame the software provider when it is the user.  I am not saying software is perfect by any means, but it takes the correct accounting processes to understand why or if the software is not performing properly.  However, people will get in the way and “tie my hands”, so to speak, by trying to control my work with what they think they know.

I wanted to cover this topic as we as the people of YHWH suffer from thinking we must operate in disobedience.  Christianity tells us disobedience is hearing “the voice” of Jesus and not following what he has instructed us to do.  Since most of us know that Jesus is not YAHOSHUA we know that disobedience for the people of YHWH is not following Torah (YARAH) because it is the voice of YAH.  We know when we live and work in unrighteousness, we are expecting to reap the unrighteous rewards or dried-up fruits also known as unproductive.  We can expect to experience lack when we live in unrighteousness.  But when we operate in righteousness, obedience, we know we can expect to reap righteous rewards or full overflowing abundant fruits also known as productive and beneficial.

I expect to reap a profit from performing well-thought-out services and products.  Why would I create something subpar and expect payment over the value for this product or service?  I also do not expect people to attempt to take advantage of me by trying to force me to give them more than agreed.  I know the process of getting more for less is upside down and unbalanced.  Following YARAH means we work in a balanced fashion.  I can expect to get the value of what I paid and agreed.  I expect to give the value of what you paid and what you agreed to receive so if you expect more that is your fought for trying to defraud me (the ninth commandment).

Finding the balance in business started with learning and study of the YARAH (Torah) and then using my natural skills, experience, and training to create and carry out accounting practices that would create money reports to reflect the truth of profit or loss in my business.  If my cost is more than the income for a service or product something must change.  I must strategize how to change it for the better or eliminate the service.  Continuing to offer a non-profitable product or service will lead me to close my business.  I can tell you people cannot wrap their minds around this reality.  I walk in the spiritual and it is the spiritual that helps me to increase in the natural and that includes business.

Operating outside of the YARAH will lead me to lose in business and personal life.  I know having the spiritual knowledge and understanding that only comes from above that I can create a profitable and sustainable business that will help to support myself and my family.  I also understand that this means doing anything within my power to earn a living means within Torah.  Everything within my power to walk it out even when things look shaky is Emunah (faith).  So, each day means that I must keep my mind and heart on YHWH’s metsvahh (commandments) because I want AVY (my father) YAH to bless the work of my hands that stem from the work of my heart (mind and spirit).

Righteous works are essential to receiving the blessing of profiting in a business.  Profit from righteous works comes from knowing and understanding the processes it takes to create profit in righteousness.  Pricing must be fair in the eyes of YHWH.  Fair pricing is not just to the buyer but to the seller as well because we need to earn what it takes to run a business and to have an increase otherwise why are you in business?  I am learning that if your goal is just to give things away that is fine but do not seek to have other business owners “give” you free services or products to support your dream.  Also, if you need to earn a living how will you do so?  Giving away skills and abilities meant for your lively hood will keep you broke and broken.  Operating in righteousness will increase and protect your profits because YHWH will move on your behalf.

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