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How To Build A Fair and Profitable Pricing Plan Training Course Information


All my courses are based on the inspiration of the Ruach (spirit) of YHWH. I do not nor will I ever sell Bible scriptures and verses. I sell education and training action items based on business accounting operations rooted in scripture and I can sell processes and producers because we the people of YHWH are business owners.

The pricing course is for business owners that sell products or services or both. 

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I have spoken with many business owners that do not understand there is a cost to doing business and simply having revenue is not enough to sustain a business. Why do business owners struggle so much even if they have sales? Many do not know how to charge for costs related to the sale directly (cost of goods sold or cost of services sold) or the cost of doing business (all other business costs and expenses).

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I also find challenges with today’s marketing ploys that tell clients they can set our pricing. If you are offended by that statement, sadly you are one of those people. I am guessing you do not allow them to set your pricing but that you should have the right to “negotiate” or “bargain” someone else’s prices. I understand there is a market that is filled with dishonest people. However, there are many honest people such as myself and I have been able to see this alarming trend of allowing “clients to set pricing” or “the market to set pricing.” One as business owners we all have different needs, and we need to earn more than breakeven or worse, you pay clients to take your services or products. Second point business ownership is supposed to allow you the ability to serve the public based on your spiritual and natural giftings all to the glory of the Most High YAHUAH (YHWH). The third point is business ownership is an avenue to higher income potential. Hoping to get rich from someone else is not feasible or fair to your employer although it is possible if the company creates a fair and profit pricing plan and manages what they earn to create profits. Employees are important too but if you are called to business ownership it is potential there for you to open the door to higher profits that benefit your entire organization. Employees expect pay increases each year.

Pricing is a very important piece for your business. If you are pricing for nice or even if you are guessing at market pricing, you will create the 5-year loss plan if you can get out of that cycle. My hope is to help you stop the negative profit strongholds so you can move into more profitable business ownership. Contrary to popular believes the majority of business owners are not part of huge conglomerates but are small business owners such as you and I. We make up the market for business and we need to stand in confidence if we are standing in obedience and acknowledgment of the creator YAHUAH.

Pricing fairly and for-profits is different from greedy pricing. If everything is cheap, when do we earn money? If you dig into some large retail stores some of them can price low because they offer other services or products that are sold at higher pricing or they have a higher number of sales. Some business price on quality of sales. A quality sale focus on a higher-priced service or product but people receive more from the purchase so to speak. Perhaps it is like accounting that I cover advising and training for accounting and taxes. Most clients need multiple services and business optimization.

When we look from the outside into what we believe is happening in someone else business we can end up in a business that may not work for us. I enjoyed learning and growing in my education and experience I reached a point when I was burned out trying to do things like the traditional accountant. I am not traditional although I am compliant in my operation how I deliver my service is different from other firms and vice versa for other accounting firms if they venture out. I learned what I need to offer quality services, optimize my business processes, and create efficiency all while keeping pricing fair and profitable. If you are in business but not profitable where is the benefit.

Select a primary business venture and stop treating that income stream as a side gig. I have a love for what I do again because I prayed and received a vision for how I am to operate. I will warn you that some people will attempt to force you into a box, but we have the freedom to operate within our creative talent. I am more than just analytical but I am creative as well. We do not have to be either-or, but we do need to know how to apply both so businesses will bring joy, fairness to the client, and a profit to our families. Most importantly do I meet obedience with just scales and the answer is YES! Avoid allowing greedy people to stop you from making a profit. Avoiding a profit is not the answer to show you are not greedy but is an avenue to business closure. The bottom line we must make more than we spend so if you do not have a profit, you are not going to have to close. Loans and donations can only go so far and technically are temporary fixes to revenue issues. Revenue plus mastering your money management is very important to your business.

Most business owners' primary focus on marketing and marketing is important but what is your budget. Avoid going into debt for marketing. If you use credit remember to pay it off as soon as the profit appears.

Course Outline:

Pricing Course Outline

What We Will Cover in This Pricing Course

  1. Calculate your pricing for business,
  2. Calculate what you need to earn on a personal level and how to collect that in sales.
  3. Discuss how you can expand with little to no debt.
  4. How you can best manage taxes.
  5. Calculate and discuss pricing to earn money for payroll and contractors.
  6. Discuss business cost direct and indirect as well as business expenses and how to create enough to pay bills and expand without additional owner’s investment.

I look forward to seeing you build a firm and profitable foundation for your business with this new pricing course.

The pricing course contains 10 videos, quizzes, collaboration with me through worksheets.

Of course, in the beginning, I did not know how to set my pricing. I always wanted to be fair and profitable. I did not want to follow “industry standards” for building my business because if you haven’t noticed, many “industry standards” are unethical. I tried many ways to find a pricing plan that worked for me, and finally, I discovered what I am showing you in this course. Nothing is perfect, and there are different methods for pricing, but the key is to remain honest and profitable. I am not trying to go against the grain, but instead, I am following an original plan meant for the honest business owner in creating a business pricing.

Learning the proper pricing technique for your business can be a challenge. If you do not have a business with preset prices, you could struggle with industry standards that are not always the best. A lot of people come to me and say, "I wanted to charge fairly". But every business owner needs to earn a profit to stay in business. B&P Accounting Solutions, Corp, presents "How to Build Fair and Profitable Pricing," for your business.

In this tutorial, we will cover how to build pricing for your business.

  1. How to stop guessing at pricing
  2. Determine a price that will cover expenses and earn a profit.
  3. Stop underpaying or overpaying yourself.
  4. Use profit to grow your business instead of debt or personal funds.
  5. Learn how fair pricing benefits you and the client.

If you would like to learn the proper accounting way for increasing profits, savings, reinvestment in your business(s), and handling your pay as well as adequately paying those that help you, this How-To course is for you.  This course is $235.00 where standard pricing courses are well over $1000.00 but never targeting specific points.  You will receive professional accounting and tax advice from an experienced and trained accountant, Y. Michelle Coard. 

Learn more about pricing in your business. If you are interested in purchasing this course or if you would like to know if the course is a good fit complete the following questionnaire.

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