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People View Profit in A Negative Light

Profit is viewed in a negative light because most people believe they do not have control over their profit.  There are business owners that understand profit, but because they do not understand taxes or do not want to pay taxes, they overspend to make sure they have a negative profit.  Neither option will help the business owner grow the business.  Profit can not be calculated first, but it is a requirement to grow a business.

Focus more on increasing profit with internal processes, and this does not necessarily mean working more.  Sometimes, yes, we need to work more.  But make sure you always make time to work on your business as well as in your business.  I have seen people only work in the business earning more money but not properly working on their business, and therefore we do not properly spend for our business.  Mostly because we rush spending because we believe “we don’t have time.”  Make time for your accounting (financial) management.  Peace is created by having an orderly business. 

I help business owners create and understand orderly processes in their business, which creates peace of mind.  I only perform the initial setup and training, but I am not a bookkeeping service.  Normally, you can hire me as you need me, such as catch up, but I provide the full service, and you have to work with me on the process.  The good news is once you are set up, we work to monitor the process and you can take time to work more and catchup will be easier!  You just cannot eliminate the process altogether.

If you are ready to create more profit in your business, let us talk.  You can schedule and pay for appointments, or you can purchase the pricing course and work at your own pace! I look forward to working with you.     

Y. Michelle Coard, B.A.S, A.A.S in Accounting

Owner, Accountant, and Profit Strategist   


Stop guessing at your pricing.  Find peace of mind with pricing in the B&P "Building Fair & Profitable Pricing Plan." course. 

All courses are tax deductible business accounting training expenses.

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