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Pricing For Primary Business Income

Most business owners seem only to consider their business as a side hustle, and honestly, they treat everyone else the same way.  I hear things like I “am laid back,” but to me, that means you do not stress over the small stuff.  But to them, it means they like the unprofessional side of things.  I know that may seem hard to swallow, but the truth never is easy to accept.  Marketing has taken us into a stream of mind games, and frankly, I do not like what they are doing to the small business owner. Prominent business marketers play on the fact that small business owners do not know the inside deal of how to price for their business.  Because other manipulators realize this, they are always seeking someone who does not take the professional route in their business.  I will expand on that more in another blog and podcast because we need to stop hitting that so-called easy button, especially in accounting.

Realize we are directed and manipulated to make certain purchases, and most of us do not realize that we think we are getting the best deal.  Most people may know big business is doing this and use this on the small business owner.  You need to know what you have to offer.  What is your breakeven point, and no, you cannot price at this point?  You must charge more.  Breakeven is revenue you earned back minus what you paid out.  No additional income, and often most people come in under that by not taking into account the money they want to pay themselves or other people.  Once we realize business ownership takes planning work, we can begin to prosper more.

Business ownership does not have to be a rollercoaster ride but, because we allow others to dictate our business, we lose focus on why we started a business.  We started the business so we can make a difference, but also so we control our own income.  I don’t know where we got the lie that purpose is not profitable.  I guess from someone who didn’t want to pay for someone else’s services and made you think if you don’t hate your work, you aren’t working—time to eliminate the lie.  You can be passionate, make a difference, and make a profit with honesty!

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