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Protecting Your Profits How To Spot A Negotiator Part 2

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The negotator is the enemy of profit.  Saddly, if you pride yourself in the art of negotiator you may want to think about that title.  The negotator never like your pricing anc will want you to constantly give them a special price.  You will hear many stories how they munipulated a situation to get their desired outcome.  Don't fall for this trick because you will find in your business this person will cause you to loose money.

Here are 5 more things to help you identify a negotiator and protect your profits.

# 5 - The Negotiator Promises Potential Future Service.

Avoid waiving fees out of the promise of future services.  The negotiator will find a loophole and will not give you future service regardless of the work you provided.  Or the negotiator will look for future discounts.

#6 and #7 - The Negotiator Wants to Connect Personally

The negotiator is a manipulator and will seek personal information to try force you into pricing.  The negotiator will also use empathy and seek the friends and family discount.  Make sure you make it clear you don’t give the a friends and family discount and charge everyone the same price.

#8 The Negotiator Will Try to Drag Out Multiple Free Meetings.

The negotiator prides themselves in what they can get for low cost or no cost and will drag out as many free meetings as possible claiming to get to know you.  When do we contact most businesses and want to “get to know” them before purchasing their services or products?  You do what most people do and follow them for a while to see what they offer.  I offer podcast, blogs, and online training so you can see what I offer.

#9 The Negotiator Will Avoid Normal Businesses Processes

The negotiator will not like a sales process and will pressure you into giving them a quote.  The negotiator knows most people know they need to honor a oral agreement so be careful what you share before you have time to review the full scope of the requested service.  Many will hold you to the oral agreement regardless of what it cost you.

#10  Negotiators Love Oral Agreements

I mentioned in number 9 that the negotiator will hold you to oral agreements so be very careful what you promise.  You will find they will change the agreement because nothing is in writing and you can’t hold them to their promises.

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Written By:  Y. Michelle Coard, B.A.S., A.A.S in Accounting



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