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Listen and follow along with the blog. 1/10/2021 (Gregorian 3/23/2021)

Y. Michelle Coard,  B.A.S & A.A.S, In Accounting

Owner, Accountant, President, & Profit Strategist

Reverse Psychology and Profits Part 1
Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

We learned that psychology is the mind, and the mind is the spirit.  Pagan worship has succeeded in making the world think it is scriptural.  So much so it has the people saying the same thing and so therefore you keep yourself in transgression of the law of YAH and in spiritual oppression.  However, the fool will say they are successful and especially the prideful person.  Interestingly enough the scriptures say the prideful person is worse than the fool.  Because the fool still has a window for change but once they become prideful from false confirmation in their vain thinking they believe they are right and do not need YAH.

Today, I wanted to look at Reverse Psychology because this trick is a common practice, and although many people will pretend they do not know what they are doing they know they want control of the situation.  Prideful people will do anything to control the people and things around them and if you are not putting them on a pedestal they explode in anger.  The prideful person also the narcissist will do anything to hurt those that correct them in any way even if you are attempting to keep them from being hurt by their own decisions.  I have learned you have to let them go.

Proverbs 10:23 KJV – It is sport to a fool to do mischief: but a man of understanding have wisdom of YAH.

I know people that believe it is fun to play mind games with people.  I was reminded of them with that scripture.  But people like this do not consider themselves wicked or fools so when they read the scriptures, they say that not them or it is not the same thing.  Rebellion is of witchcraft and fools say they can do their own thing. Proverbs 18:2 KJV – A fool hath no delight in understanding but that his heart may discover itself.  Proverbs 1:7 KJV – The fear of YHWH is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.   

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Business operations have bought me into contact with different people and business types.  Working for others as an employee before starting my business also brought me in contact with a variety of people, industries, and systems after college.  College was all study.  Today, I can use this experience as I realize I am coming across different people and industries but with the same mindset or spirit.  Now that I research, I learn more about the harm of the practice of negotiations (haggling with customers or allowing them to set your price and your service) and the lies based around marketing but also bad morals of some people.  I am currently having to limit a portion of my business because of the dishonesty of most people based on their limited beliefs and the education that has been withheld from certain people groups.

My assignment is to help business owners stop repeating the mistakes of the past failed or struggling generations. If you can humble yourself to see what keeps us in the same dead-end loop of losing profits you can break this hold.  We are fighting the removal of living YARAH, dark spiritual forces,  human jealousy, human wickedness, and our own poor habits.  Once we admit these issues we can move forward and increase our profit potential as well as increase actual profits.  I do not mean we increase profits only through marketing  I am an accountant, not a marketer, and increasing profits is about more than just marketing.   

A routine takes time to build but is so beneficial when you see systems that help to build profit and easy for completing assignments be it at home or working for income.  Home systems make us successful for income-producing work.  Home is where the heart is and the principles and YARAH we learn at home bring us to work better with others and even those that do not serve YAH.  Can we sell to the children of the world?  Yes, we can but we do not build our business for them.  If they decided to purchase an item or service, they need to adhere to our systems and policies.  We will better spot their tricks and traps and lies so we do not get harmed by their business policies or lack thereof.  Normally they waver doing whatever feels fun to them, so they rarely follow any guidelines or policies as they believe it holds down their free spirit or if they have a controlling spirit. 

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The free spirit is a wavering spirit that will keep you broke.  I have tested this over the years and sure enough, they messed me up every time I let them have their way.  Normally they push and push sometimes loudly and sometimes passively-aggressively either way I noticed.  This year I see when I stand firm they go away because their pride will not let them admit they do not know better than me.   I do not say that to be prideful, but I know the training and knowledge I have received all through the ordering of my steps from the Most High YAH.  There were times I was prompted to learn something I did not know why but I knew in my heart it was YAH so it would be used for a purpose.  You see he equips those he calls.  HalleluYAH!!!

So, in learning accounting business training I started to understand I also needed to understand YARAH in combination with learning my trade.  I needed to learn more about YAH’s kingdom, His laws, statutes, and commands, in-home and business, and in turn I need to repent and live true to His word. HE began to make the connection between the issues in life or the natural and the spiritual realms.  Proverbs 4:23 KJV – Keep thy heart with all diligence, for out of it flow the issues of life.


The use of psychology in our lives in occupation and home is important to understand because we have many people proudly using these techniques against us.  The helmet of salvation helps me spiritual visualize putting on the helmet, the scriptures, into my mind so that I can defend against this spiritual warfare.  All though most people using psychological practices do not know it is spiritual they know it works to get what they want in many cases.  As I was reviewing this article, we will cover the following topics.

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I will cover the article in the recording.  Here's the link to the article I will read through.  I do not support or back the writter.  I am using her article only for reference.   https://www.betterhelp.com/advice/psychologists/reverse-psychology-what-is-it-and-does-it-work/

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