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Listen and follow along with the blog. 1/11/2021 (Gregorian 3/24/2021)

Written and Recorded by 

Y. Michelle Coard, B.A.S & A.A.S, In Accounting

Owner, Accountant, President, & Profit Strategist


Reverse Psychology and Profits Part 2

Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

Please read and listen to part 1 first to understand part 2:  Reverse Psychology and Profits

I realize from reading this article that people will do anything to get their way.  If that means manipulating and deceiving people to get this done, they are fine with doing what they call “making it happen.”  Although advancing or forcing what you want is defrauding and deceiving people and YAH is not pleased with this process.  If your idea is to force people to do what you want them, you are fearful and selfish.  If you cannot take no you are not a go-getter, but you are a manipulator.  The spirit of rejection is not a reason to force outcomes.  If your issues are because you do not want to feel stupid it still is not a good reason.  Here’s where knowing YAHOSHUA is our redeemer, and he will handle things according to HIS will.   Since the world applauds this behavior by trying to tell you how to use psychology “for your benefit.” Or statements such as “when used the right way.”  If you know YAH is the only good and his YARAH is the only good so if you do opposite of that you are in sin and sin is the transgression of the law that equates to rebellion.  Samuel tells us rebellion is of witchcraft. 

I am not afraid of witchcraft because the craft has no power over the Ruach of YAH therefore I do not live-in fear.  However, those that use witchcraft use tricks and traps to snare you into a pit or failure.  You do not make the connection or share your experience because the world uses reverse psychology on us by making us think those that talk about evil are afraid and those that keep it quiet are not afraid. 

You see we need to call it out to get rid of the demonic actions that are inviting the spirits.  If you tell anyone or if you never pray about it for clarity so you can stand up against them the spirit will continue to control you.  Most people with the foolish spirit like to dominate people because it is a game to them and if you call them out on their mess they get upset. 

You may not want to admit that manipulation is mind control.  I have never seen mind control with a positive outcome.  Anything forced on us is control it is something we are told not to do by YHWH, and this is how wickedness works by tricks and traps to force you into sin.  You see we must make the choice to sin and if evil can trick us to do that, dark forces have legal right in your life.  Why?  Because we need to know the laws of YAH and have his spirit of wisdom, we can discern evil from YAH.   Be careful what you say and what you think.  Seek good and you will find good.  Learn how to lose and you will appreciate the wins better.  Learn how to let go because there is a season and time for everything.

Here are some points for you to think and pray regarding how this impacts your lives and the lives of those around us.

  • What the author says psychology calls “Reactance” is the spirit of rebellion and defiance.
  • Reverse psychology is used in marketing frequently.
  • Reverse psychology is used in marketing, parenting, schools, and relationships.
  • Reverse psychology works if you have a spirit of rebellion, defiance, irritability, jealous, highly emotional, stubborn, angry or those that doubt themselves. I have learned you can also add prideful people.
  • Reverse psychology is manipulation and control by not allowing others to make their own decisions.
  • Reverse psychology is lying and uses scape goating to place the blame on someone else when their tricks fail or hurt someone.
  • People who are afraid of no or rejection use reverse psychology.
  • Weak people use reverse psychology because they are afraid of losing control or a not getting what they want.
  • Never use this technique if you are follower of YAH. We humble and we trust YAH that his will prevails. We do not worry or force outcomes because we do not manipulate or defraud people.  We trust in YAH so we do not worry about the outcomes everything happens for YAH’s plan according to YAH’s will. 

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