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Why Free Is Not Win Win

Many people love free. But honestly someone must foot the bill. Let’s get real. Often people hear free but the more you dig into the deal there are hidden charges or what you really need is in the paid versions. Are you getting quality for free? 

Always ask can you give quality for free.  I give some free services but to those that could use help.  Remember most people can pay for what they really need and want.  Don’t fall for the financial hardships story because many are running a game. They have the money but continue to try and get free services.  Why? So, they can keep their money by convincing you not to charge them. But they will charge others for their time of course.  Paying for things with other people’s money is popular among some of the rich.

Do your part and pay when you can.  Trust the money will come back to you plus more because you paid what you owe. The laborer is worthy of his or her wages. We will receive things that are free to us but that is occasionally and alright to accept but don’t expect that to be the norm.  I had to learn it's alright to accept gifts, but I don’t expect them. Remember people work for a living as well. If everyone, even the rich, gave away everything for free they wouldn’t be rich, have overflow, or abundance (whatever term you prefer). Don’t sit by and let others build their wealth while making you financially struggle. Stop working for free and stop expecting other people to work for free all the time.

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