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Payroll and Employee Responsibility

Payroll is one of the largest expenses in a business.  Yet, it is the least thought about expense.  I want to urge you to change what is happening to employees everywhere.  Most employers are purposely underpaying certain people so they can “get more for less.”  When I worked as an employee, there was an unspoken expectation that if I pay you this, then you need to give me this...”  Okay, I understood that, but the expectation usually is outside of the original employment agreement.  If you hire me to work 40 hours a week, but you expect me to work 50 hours, but without pay, you are breaking the agreement. You as the business owner need to pay for the skills, respect people needs and wants, and factor in the full pay into the business.  Learn more about this process in my upcoming course TBA.)

You have this unspoken agreement with your employees you are perpetuating this practice.  Make sure the job fits the hours worked because if you expect people to complete the job, but you are not realistic about the time, don’t blame the employee.  The labor department will also expect overtime payment for time over, and urging your employees to work without reporting the overtime is unethical and abusive to your employees.  People first is essential.  In turn, also watch those employees that talk most of the day without working.  I kept to myself to get my job done, but those people would tell my supervisors I was antisocial.  I respect the agreement I was hired for, so I will not purposely work late.  Also, because I need to get home and I could not do that with people who talk all day and then try and hold me in the office.

I have this same thinking in my business.  I have a work schedule, and I work within that schedule.  If I have appointments every day, when do I work?  Too much talk leads to poverty, Proverbs 14:23. Next, put things in writing as much as possible.  Most people don’t take oral agreements seriously, and if you reviewed my negotiation series, you know they will change the deal down the road.   

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