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Time IS Money and How To Track Time

  Have a plan for a meeting

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A habit that plagues many business meetings is the point of talking without action.  What happens when we want to talk it out, but no one acts.  I have attended many meetings that quite frankly went in circles, and when I did take action, many were surprised because apparently, we were supposed to talk it out for at least two more meetings. Although I know talking is important and I enjoy talking, I also understand we have to  complete the goal or goals. Go into the meeting asking the questions you need so you can plan your next steps.

There are talkers and doers.

I talk long enough so I can do.  I am primary a doer, and too much talk frustrates me as we have work to complete.  I often summarize the meeting and provide notes, and I also provide the actions that I will take, and I take action.  I can tell when we talk too much because we seem to run out of time on a project.

In my business, meetings are called consultations.  Consultations are paid meetings because I am working.  A “get to know you” needs to be separate, and both parties understand the clock is not running.  I normally allow the first meeting to cover the get to know you and I do not charge for this meeting.  However, each meeting after that is a paid consultation because working in a meeting is still work.

Time Tracking IS Important

Time tracking is important because often we work longer than we think.  Time flies and even faster if you enjoy what you are doing.    Stop thinking you can’t charge if you enjoy what you do.  You can enjoy what you do as well as earning income.  An old mindset says is work has to be something outside of our calling, training, or gifting and it should be something you hate for it to count as hard work. 

Also, note that if you don’t believe you should charge; people will look for you to waive your fees and give free services so take your time seriously.

Written and Recorded by Y. Michelle Coard, B.A.S, A.A.S in Accounting and President and Profit Strategist of Business and Personal Accounting Solutions, Corp.



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