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Avoid Money Leaks with Meaningful Purchases

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I can understand that we are under the false belief that people with money  know how to manage money.  We are also under the false belief that people without money do not know how to manage money.  We are taught that budgeting means someone can tell you how to spend your money.  Here is another blog I wrote about budgeting.  You are and can spend your money the way you want to spend.  No, you do not have to have someone direct your spending however if your form of budgeting means you spend someone else’s money to compensate for your overspending that is the problem.  Your budget is to help you reach your goals of making the purchases you want.  You can cut out the things you do not want so you can afford the things you do want.

I also want to help you with budgeting not by telling you how to spend but I help you get clear on what you want to spend what is your desire.  Your desire does not have to be what works for someone else because they built their budget to afford their wants and needs.  Personally, I believe we need to afford needs first then wants and so that is my budget.  I do not believe in making anyone else confirm to that budget.  We have one size fits all money plans because most people pretending to know how to manage money only know of a copy and paste blueprint.  They know what worked for them or who books they read or that seminar or someone posted a free spreadsheet or course all about how they budget.  We can pay for that, but we will not stick with it and that is why it is alright to be original in your budget. 

Even the spreadsheet comes with their categories to make you feel like you must follow what they do, and the catch phrase is “let me make it easy for you.”  Stop and think and get in tune with your assignments and callings from the Most High.  He brings various supplies to assist you in your walk.  He also brings provision and that is supplies to cover your needs and wants once you learn and complete the new lesson.  Reaching the next level of success comes from obedience and submission and in all honesty how that looks for me will look different for you.  Although I teach my children the way they should go I also teach them to connect to the Most High YAH and not depend only on my advice because they need to walk in his instructions and commandments the way he deems them to walk.  That would mean they can not simply follow my blueprint unless it pertains to following scriptures correctly.

I have found valuable understanding with how to handle all my supplies to learn how to stretch them out and how to work so I will be given increase for my diligence and consistency.  In turn there is an inner peace that the world does not understand.

Isaiah 44:18 -They do not comprehend or discern, for He has shut their eyes so they cannot see and closed their minds so they cannot understand.

Yochanan 14:27 KJV - Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you.  Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

I have learned that I can seek guidance for my issues through the scriptures (YARAH).  I can find my way out of things that seem spiritually binding.  Such as managing money can often feel like we must make super giving sacrifices to make things happen, but I learned finding a routine that works for me and letting go of the “should” haves I have an inner peace to go after the things YAH has for me.  In the past there was an inner struggle to chase after the things of the world because they use those things to make us believe we must slave to earn a living and barely making it unless we have good credit.  We have allowed them to turn consistency, diligence in following the scriptures into something that means nothing.  Today for most people waiting on YAH is out of fashion and that is why they make things hard on themselves.

Why make things hard on ourselves?  I can say part of the journey of learning to better manage our money, so it increases the way we need it to increase is essential.  Even a little seed can produce large crops and often we do not need as much as we think we need.  Timing can often mean that we know when to buy.

Building A Budget Is A Family Process

When budgeting I recommend creating a budget that works for you or you and your family to support productivity and efficiency.  You do not have to make someone else go without so you can have something.  Determine how all family members can benefit from building the budget to do or purchase the things you all like to do.  I have used planned purchases for myself and my children.  Again, timing is important.  Once we started, we all had to refrain from unnecessary purchases.  Then we would start making purchases according to sales and how much was saved.  So, if my son were able to get something, he was waiting to buy then I would wait to buy something I wanted.  When the time came for my purchase he did not feel left out because he understood waiting turns.  However, if one person seems to be the only one able to get what they want all the time I question selfishness.  A budget is a team effort in a family situation.  

You will have to fight emotions and feelings to stay on track.  I know that a delayed purchase process is always rewarding in the end, but it was hard in the beginning.  Because there is something that makes us like impulse purchases but that is a money leak no matter how we try to explain that one.  Planned purchases and determining if you are just being tricked by advertising is important.  We must watch out for marketing traps to encourage that feeling to spend even when we do not need that item.  I have learned that I can create a system around home first to determine what I need to buy to help me make that process more effective and productive.  I find that I save money that way as well.  Now the item has a function as opposed to just setting around just in case I might use the item.

Many money leaks are for purchases to towards items stacked in storage.  Did you know somethings go bad when you do not use them?  Streamlining will help you know the best things to buy and you will still feel freedom in your budget but now you will feel like you made a meaningful purchase.

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