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Breaking Broke Thinking

Listen to The Audio and Read Along.

I know the law of attraction does not apply to the people of YAH.  Sadly, our people are always trying to grab onto what the world does.  The law of attraction is the twisting of the scripture “As A man think so he is.”  If you think it, you will attract that to you.  If you think and conjure good energy you will attract good energy.  The power of positive and negative thinking or also known as the “thought movement.”  While I do not believe in the law of attraction, I believe in the truth of the power of our thoughts, but I do not believe in the thought movement.

The scripture is Proverbs 23:7 KJV- “For as he thinks in his heart so is, he:  Eat drink, say he to you; but his heart is not with you.” 

And let us look at the verse before this one.

 6 Eat thou not the bread of him that hath an evil eye, neither desire thou his dainty meats:

I want to point out that we also call bread money in our community.  More importantly the word of YAH is called the bread of life.  YAHOSHUA is our bread.  My understanding of this scriptures is, and instruction do not eat of his doctrine and do not partake of his money when I see this passage. Evil eye because it is telling us he is evil and as he thinks in his heart, so he is evil.  The eyes are the windows to the soul and if you follow me on Crushing Fear you will notice that the heart is part of our spirit.  We must transform the mind to change the heart.  So, this man has an evil heart, and his intentions will be evil.  Therefore, it has nothing to do with the law of attraction.  We want to take head to how people think. 

If the heart has been changed to a person after YAH, they will have good intentions.

Acts 15:8 KJV.

And YAH, which know the hearts, bare them witness, giving them the Ruach, even as unto us.

Many of those that have turned from YAH want to follow or sit in company with the children of the gods of this world.  The wise children or the chosen of YAH seek counsel that know, live, and understand YARAH so they can counsel using YARAH. 

Broke thinkers are those that imagine themselves as broke.  No matter how much money they have they say they are broke. They seem to only have money when they want to buy something they want.  Often this person will lie about what they must get as much as possible free or at low cost.  They love bargaining and negotiations.  Although they know they can pay your fees they wait for a lower price.  However, if it something they really want they will hunt for it, but they will be willing to pay maximum and they justify this action with “I earned it” or “I deserved it.”  They often are on a up and down roller coaster with spending.  Broke thinkers really do not like to properly manage money.  They believe the lie that rich people do not have to think about what they spend.  The lie that the rich do not manage their money is a snare to keep people broke.  But the truth of YARAH, if you show you can manage a little you will receive a lot.  If you show you put people first, then you can receive other things in return. 

Failing to manage money means you are more likely to spend as a “free spirit”  investing in people and things that the people of YAH are not to invest.  We do not support wicked desires.  The broke thinker always banks on how much they can earn often willing do anything to earn money because they do not manage what they have.  They often hate on those that are managing money with selective spending.  Selective spending is beneficial as it teaches us how to maximize what we have.  One of the pitfalls for many of our people was that they overlooked using what they had.  Contrary to the broke thinking using what you have does not mean we do not have the money to buy what we want but we understand that each purchase needs to have a function or purpose.  How will it benefit me or our family in the future? 

Now and in the moment buying is fleeting.  The feeling flees as soon as we are ready for the next item.  The solution to the broke thinker is credit or opm.  If they can spend other people money, then it does not matter they still do not manage money well in their minds.  Selective spending means we have weeded out the things we do not need.  We also know when it is time to spend more money on something.  Sometime a savings equates to double spending later once you realize why it was so cheap.  But paying a higher price without seeking other options is not the answer either.  Testing things out is important sometimes so in my mind research and development even in the home budget is important.

I want to touch on minimalism.  I know that we have picked up so much stuff over the years what the world calls riches, yet those same things are causing people to die, and people are dying spiritually.  The rich young ruler (starting at Markus 10:17 KJV) needed to give away his riches so that he would only depend on YAHOSHUA but because he trusted more in riches, he could not take the chance of losing anything.  I am also thinking he could not stand the thought of what his social group would think.  So, he held all other commandments, but he did not trust in YAH.  YAHOSHUA knew he would do anything to get and keep those riches and his status. 

A minimalist mindset feels the need to strip down to as little as possible.  Once that is done a healthy spiritual sound person (not an extremist but one balanced by YAH person) in YAH can add back the things that they need.  Normally they want what they need so they do not feel like they go without.  Here is where you will need to ask yourself why do you need to reward yourself?  Why do you feel you deserve to be spending without thinking?

YAH brings the reward and in turn he makes sure we do not over do things.  We know what happens when we all operate in our power or without thinking.  The spirit of religion has twisted this to mean that the rich young ruler needed to be poor.  Yes, but only for a season.  Once the hold his riches had on him was broken YAHOSHUA would have added back 30, 60, or 100-fold depending upon his measure of faith (Starting at Markus 4:20 KJV).  The poor in spirit means humbled spiritually.  We know who provides and how he provides.  Religion steals your wealth period.  Does this mean you need to give up all you have?  Not necessarily but if you cannot sleep at night because you worry over money perhaps seek out ways to make your income more consistent or how can you be more obedient to YARAH.  Walking in his laws, statues, and commandments bring blessings.

Breaking broke thinking begins with taking a correct measure of where your money wise.  I do not like to use the word financial because it means the end.  YAH is giving us chances as long as he wakes us up.  Now we need to take an account of what we earn, spend, need, and streamline and organize what we currently own.  We need to assess what is the purpose of future desires and then start to plan by consulting YAH through YARAH and prayer.  Understanding my spending and streamlining was very helpful and part of that is what the world mislabels as minimalism.  You will have to work on rebuking the spirit of gluttony and fear.  Because believe it or not that is why we collect stuff that we do not need.  You do this by trusting in YAH.  He will provide everything you need.  Perhaps it is something you do not need right now but someone else does.  That is how you bless them.  We will cover how to spot the false spirit of prosperity and what it means to trust in YAH.

Let go of using world practices to attempt to increase your income or your bottom line in business and personal accounting.  You cannot use things rooted in wickedness and expect YAH to bless you. Although he will allow it to work to make you think it is working but he will also have to allow the demonic spirit that is waiting for you to mess up to come in as well because you sinned. 

Jeremiah 20:10 KJV

For I heard the defaming of many, fear on every side.  Report, say they, and we will report it.  All my familiars watched for my halting, saying, Peradventure he will be enticed, and we shall prevail against him, and we shall take our revenge on him.

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