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Budget Growth Lessons

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Written by: Y. Michelle Coard, B.A.S & A.A.S Degrees In Accounting

The people of YHWH are stuck in after-the-fact or also known as reactive thinking by not realizing the impact of cause and effect. We are stuck in repeating dead-end cycles over and over because we fail to do the work it takes to change the unfruitful works by continuing to follow the ways of the heathen.  We have the power to change the outcome of most of the things in our lives pertaining to money and other wealth.  A budget is a plan for future purchases and growth, and it is not a tool to suck the life out of you.  A budget is a tool used for wealth management.  Wealth management is not stocks, bonds, or only cash because that is the world’s idea of wealth. Money is a part of wealth, but it is not all you should have.  If the mind can only see wealth as paper or ruthless investments, we are limiting what we have, can, or will receive from the Most High YHWH. The Most High YHWH tells us he has given us the ability to create wealth.  I know people say, “yeah but those people that believe that do not want anything out of life and look broke to me.” A key indication of a selfish person that will not understand the spiritual. As children of YHWH, we know what empty riches or things can do and we also know, or we are learning the real wealth by walking in YARAH.

Once I realized and confirmed in the scriptures that prideful people are unstable in all their ways, I had to stop letting them latch on to the blessings I was and am receiving. Once people have in their minds what they think and what they perceive should happen and they perceive it as good you will find them, just like the Most High calls them, to be stiff-necked people. A stiff-neck person refuses to turn from their thoughts to see the truth of the Most High and they believe everyone around them should think and act just like them. I refuse to be limited by their beliefs and look forward to serving the Most High YAH.

Once I realize that people would latch onto my blessings, I knew I had to stop taking anyone’s advice about managing my money or my wealth. A budget is a process of planning what you need to buy, and it helps us to look at what we can buy. Most people are more so not planning because they are too caught up in trying to get other people money. I often hear people say, “I can not do that until I get a loan.” The same people can have money in the bank. I have learned not to feel sorry for people anymore because they have a defrauding spirit. Many people that claim to be broke (no money) these days are not broke. I also watch out for the fake-it-to-you-make-it person as they have big dreams but wasteful spending habits so they can not pay for their big dreams. Both people love telling and using the religious lie that they need other people to “bless” them with funding. They want us to work for free and believe me when they get the money, they claim they need that money and they will find an excuse to cheat the worker out of money.

“What about the instruction, when you give do not look for it back?” Correct, so if I give to someone in need, because we do not give gifts to the rich. The rich in this case YHWH has defined as rich. Remember we go by what YHWH defines and wants not what the world defines as rich. The world gives to their rich all the time. Proverbs also say giving to the rich brings us to want. We need to give to those that are righteous or turning to righteousness and have a need. Someone that desires to change their situation by starting a business. The innovative person may need funding and just as important business accounting education this righteous person is what we need to do to help them out of an oppressive situation of lack. We put people to work in other words. We do not just give over to lazy people and we do not contribute to furthering the lack of the "do not haves" so the "haves" can feel superior.  Giving in your time is also giving to the rich.  (watch out for those I mention before they pretend to be in lack but they can pay.  You have to stand firm in your pricing.

“The devilish spirit loves to take something from someone and then shame them because they sinned and that is why that spirit is called the “accuser.”

We know in the past and still, today lack is forced upon the children of YHWH, not that we choose to live in lack. I know when I was turning back to YARAH, YHWH started showing me how we are being tricked out of our money and how unrighteous work also is wasting our money and our time. Our people also do not know how to tithe, and I can say that from personal experience. We tithe where YHWH puts his name. YHWH’s name is his covenant. If you are in a place that says the covenant of the falsely name “old testament” is void, you do not have to follow the comments, or YHWH’s law is done away with (AKA they say they are not under the law.) you are not tithing to YHWH. I can tell you the curses are real from this sin. YHWH said we would give to broken cisterns so giving to an unrighteous organization will keep you in lack. I can also tell you they will attempt to destroy your spirit (psychological mind games) to cause you to stop trying to answer the call back to YARAH.

You can reference another blog on the topic of getting started with turning back to YARAH in bringing increase. We must break free of the lies that if we just think we are rich we are because there is so much more to increase from YHWH. The increase of YHWH will escape many because of the requirement to receive the overflow and not just a mediocre flow, but the Overflow is not possible without complete obedience to YARAH. I do not mean ritualistic confirmation but an actual transformation from the inside out.  YAHOSHUA said you think you are poor but thou art rich.  This means we are not destitute and we have the power to overcome lack and oppression by know although we can not see it in the natural yet we have so much.   In turn, we do not continue to sin.  Brilliant.

Do you know the world knows those that follow YARAH are wealthy? Religion paints a picture of false poverty. When I first began turning back to YARAH I was surprised by the number of people that spoke down on YARAH attacking my mind with their negative thoughts that if I did not return to the slavery of my employment days that I deserved to be in poverty and most of them would try and cause problems with me having to spend money. Many set themselves up as judges and jury on what they believed my walk was about all based on religion.

I have analyzed the false imagery and stereotyping from wickedness to keep people down. Spotting and pulling out the root causes for lack is the only way to get rid of this unproductive growth also known as weeding. The people of YHWH are required to work any time we can, and YHWH has given us the ability to make work when someone tries to stop us from working. Depending only on YHWH is not insane or risky but it is the only way that works. YHWH makes this promise, and he keeps his word. You will have to change your thinking if you expect to see the promises and ignore the jealous and prideful works of the unrighteous.

Budget Flow Chart2Budgeting is the same. We count the cost of living and building. We are a people that know we must manage our wealth. Creating processes that help us to run our business and personal spending is essential for wealth building. YHWH said not to chase wealth, but he also said he gave us the ability to create wealth and creating means to build. Stop allowing the oppressor to take away your ability by keeping us in sin. Walking in YARAH is the only way to activate your ability. Once you have income a budget is created at the beginning of the month because it is a money map. What do you need and is this the month to purchase what you need, or will a specific purchase wait until next month? Track your bills and stop trying to get out of paying for everything. People that try to avoid the smallest fees have a broken mindset so do not let that be you. We know when we derive benefit we need to pay. But yes, pay for what is in your budget. Stop letting the spirit of lack in others deflect on you and keep you from being a wise spender. We can spot when we are being overcharged but something is wrong with low charges as well.

Once I realized the number of people that try and cut corners in the wrong area’s always seemed to lose more money than they thought they saved it proved people do not walk according to YARAH even in money, but they think so. They also always need more money soon after they would get money and would often go begging for more. They found begging easier than working. I find that working is the best way to gain favor with YHWH because righteous work makes this happen.

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