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How to Give Free Resources and Have Cashflow

How many of us think, “what’s the catch?” when we see “Free.” And many business owners loath the clients who always try to get something for free (the poverty mindset).  But you can give free resources and have cash flow

Overflow Image Free Resources BlogI have the heart of a giver but I did not know that there was a downside of this gift. If you do not have boundaries you will give away too much.  Many coaches and mentors said, “People will not pay if you give it all away.” Not giving makes me feel empty but not earning money made me feel worse. I struggled for many years trying to find the right point for giving. How can I share my resources with wisdom?

The process does not cost extra resources and was already a part of my services. I have watched many business owners hire people to develop a free offer (Rich minded mindset). I am confused because this should be a portion of what you are already developing. If you have to increase costs to develop a free offering are you offering your best?

When you give your best even for free you will feel appreciated. Clients who can pay will be more encouraged to pay for more services. Those who won’t pay will eventually hop over to someone else.  If they follow someone else, let them go because they are not your clients.

Author: Y. Michelle Coard

Accountant, Profit Strategist, Owner of Business and Personal Accounting Solutions, Corp.

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