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Living Within Your Means Increase Growth

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Written by Y. Michelle Coard, B.A.S and A.A.S in Accounting.  Owner and President of Business & Personal Accounting Solutions, Corp based in Fuquay Varina NC.  Virtual Accountant.  5/30/2021 RD 8/12/2021

A successful budget is planning to live within your current means. Most people believe that creates a stagnation of growth meaning most people will get lazy if they accept where they are as our Talmidian (Disciples) instructed us to be content in where we are now. I have test both sides of this matter, so I know if being content caused me to get stuck than I working outside of YHWH's will. The answer is no I will not get stuck because I have an inner desire to grow and produce and that is a cyclical process and each time I get better at what I am doing. Why? Because the process of learning, application, and replication as in routines help us to develop root systems that sustains us and promotes better growth over time.

Being content means that I am not in a state of stress trying to push things forward beyond my Master’s (Adonai) time.

“The children of YHWH know that being content means, we are humble enough to know everything is within YHWH’s season and not our timing. Being content means that we are consistent and diligent with working where we are so we can be stronger and ready to listen and work when YHWH lefts us to the next level.”- Y. Michelle Coard

Managing my wealth falls within this premise of being content where I am because being content is a state of being that keeps us from submitting to the spirit of “my truth, self-leveling, or trying to do things of my own works to make it happen,” and therefore keeps us from the sin of self-worship, going our own way, or worshiping something or someone else other than YHWH. I can slow down and look at what needs to be done with a clear consciousness and see the spiritual and natural workings to create a deeper service to my Adonai. A deeper service equates to seeking the Kingdom of YHWH first and then he will add all other things unto me. The world goes with “let me get mine and maybe I will give him some credit later” and this is an opposing action that comes against the word of YHWH.

Casting down or casting out opposing thoughts means that we do not allow something or someone to change our hold on our walk with YAHOSHUA. We can hear when something is the opposite of scripture and so we know this spirit of rebellion must be cut down (spiritually speaking of course do not actually cut someone.) We need to cut it out of our lives and by doing so you break the strongholds this spirit is trying to cause. You see once we are outside YHWH’s protection there is another system of Mammon (the beast system) that is a conglomerate of different demonic and Ruach-Ra (wicked, dysfunctional, and disobedient spirits) generating from the wickedness of the hearts of people that refuse YHWH’s salvation- YAHOSHUA. Those that worship the prince of this world or HaSatan.

While making adjustments to spend within my means without feeling like we must go without anything I learned I have to be realistic about my wants and needs. I know deciding wants and needs are spoken of often but that is because it is true. I must put a need before a want and that is common sense. However, to a prideful person they believe they need everything they want. So, we must deal with pride. Do we “need” everything we want or is that an excuse to pay for what we want. Watching a prideful person act in this way shows that they understand they must meet their needs so they will trick others into paying for their needs and spend their money on what they want.

Once YHWH gave me this revelation, I admit I was the person they tricked and often this caused me to struggle unnecessarily because giving to them to help them first meant it took way from our budget. Although I know how to manage my money interferences such as this is a money drain and hurts the pocket. Protecting your budget is not selfish and this is the first accusation (Arrow or word sword) that a prideful person will through at us. I learned to listen for patterns in their spending and how they often wanted me to pay for things and later they would laugh and say I did not have to pay. Many of them are caught up in earning money from signups so I listen for this trickery as they want me to make a purchase, they feel I need so I got serious and I say no, “I do not need that, and I have other responsibilities.” Get ready the prideful person will get offended so you have to stand strong against their tricks.

I found that standing in Torah has guided me to what I need to buy. I know so much is thrown to us and so much pressure to spend is harmful to good stewardship (wise direction of your spending from YHWH). Number one is learning to stop buying from the heathen (those that do not follow YHWH) when at all possible. Purchasing books that promote self-help or even how to budget but are not based on scriptures is heathen teachings. YHWH says do not follow the ways of the heathen. I can tell you that this alone frees up so much money. Now I buy from those that walk in Torah, so YHWH blesses me not from looking for “free” but looking to invest in purchases that benefit His people. The guise of the “free” label is normally to get you trapped into unrighteous teaching when it is from the children of the world. “Freely Given” when it comes to correct scriptural teachings is not a trick but the way we are to share YARAH (Torah).  We need to separate that from earning income or paying others for their work.

Living within my means I have learn what we need right now for this level and for this season. I realize that if my purchases are based on fear created by media, I will spend more than I need. Also, If I refuse to use what I have to wisely buy what I need I am hoarding and being fearful as well. I know too many people that say, “they are broke,” although they have a large amount of income left over after paying their expenses. Many do not want to pay their bills and will often pay them late on purpose. Paying bills on time is more than creating man made credit history but it also is spiritually based on keeping your word. When you receive a service or product that you agree to pay for you are to keep your word.

I also watch trickery in advertising as some people spend more without realizing what they are spending but because they see words like “deal” or “save” they overlook the fact they must spend more than planned to reach that goal. I discovered this with couponing and while shopping I found a message like this one.

Advertising Trick

So, if I just add $18.61 more, I will get $5.00 discount.  Well, I will spend over by $13.61 the limit because I am on this screen because I spent what I wanted to spend.  You see there is something that makes people think they have “saved.” 

I know people that would say, “You should have just spent the extra money are you broke?”  So, I recognize their statement as manipulation, and I can hear they fell for this trick.  Sticking to my budget does not make me feel bad or in lack but I find excitement in getting what I need within my budget. I find gratification in knowing I am spending wisely not based on how much it appears I can spend.  The appearance of overspending takes away from something else.  Moving money from other accounts takes time and planning.  Often people end up with overdraft fees and higher banking fees for unplanned spending.

Budgeting is an active plan and not after the fact so the biggest factor to making a budget work is sticking to what you want to spend.  I do not mean trying to cheat people out of payments to meet your budget goals but get your numbers upfront decide if that is what you can spend and stop haggling.    

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