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One of The Top Millionaire Money Habits

Many business owners do not know the full advantages of having an accountant because most people believe accounting is only bookkeeping. After leaving school and working in the field, I learned it’s more important to be proactive instead of reactive as an accountant.

dylan sosso 779357 unsplashDiscussing our financial ideas with an accountant is one of the top millionaire money habits. Waiting for consultation also delays gratification. And if your goal is to increase your bottom line, like most millionaires, you will need to practice delayed gratification and consulting wise counsel.

Accountant’s advice is wasted because we are consulted as bookkeepers and tax preparers only. An accountant is an advisor for financial guidance. We do not make your financial decisions however we allow you to view your options. We give you options that are best for maximizing your dollars.

The accountant doesn’t just guide in money management but in various ways that help to save time and money. Because time is money. Time can be equated to money and time is a major resource just like money. If we don’t have the time to complete a service or produce a product we lose money.

This year consider the benefits of having an accountant work with you. Waiting to speak with an accountant before a major purchase indicates the ability to delay purchases. Delayed purchases determine if you are making an emotional purchase at the moment. Millionaires have learned to separate their emotions from their purchases. We need time to consider the cost. Costs include the things we would have to pull from to complete the purchase.

When you seek God first, you will become a wise godly steward of the resources God has given you. Also, allow him to direct you to wise professional godly accounting counselors.

Author: Y. Michelle Coard

Accountant, Profit Strategist, Owner of

Business & Personal Accounting Solutions, Corp.

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