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Why Slowing Down and Planning Increases Your Monetary Reserves.

Reserves are monies available in your bank account or pocketbook or wallet if you carry cash. We like to see some sort of a balance. Some of us can handle lower balances than others mentally and spiritually. If you can stand a lower balance for certain time periods, it will build your resilience during low recession times or surprised shutdowns like the pandemics bring about. Do not allow others to hand down the spirit of fear when it comes down to handling your money.  

I have also seen people turn their noses up at my spirit/mindset of not trusting in my money reserves. I do not kill myself or ignore the much, family and people, to earn more because I have learned not to put my trust in money. In other words, I do not chase money. Because of this belief, I have had people try to cheat me out of my money or try and force me to work more because they believe I deserve that treatment for not trusting in money. I have also had racist comments that the people group they think I belong to should not have money. Of course, this is taught by negative mindsets, historical generational lies, and if you are spiritual, you know its dark spiritual influences or principalities trying to pressure who or what I should put my trust.

I decided to slow down...

When I say slow down, I do not mean I stopped working, but strangely those that are a slave to the system believe that means do not work.  I stopped rushing my purchases. I evaluated what was most important for our family. I stop looking to someone else to tell me what to include in my budget. I stopped listening to people that use reverse psychology or emotional spending to compel me to spend, and I did not make that purchase. 

Instead I compare purchases and evaluate if we really need that item right now.  Sometimes we run out of something, and it is alright. I do not go crazy, trying to keep a “favorite” food stocked. Here is where you learn, if you can live without certain things.  If you cannot live without certain items here is where fasting comes in to play. You cannot live without something or something steals your joy; most likely, you have a spirit of obsession because you trust in that thing to make you feel good. Fast (do not buy it for a while) and do not have it, so the spirit of the world cannot use it against you later when it is not available in the stores.  You will notice there are other things that give you joy and you end up saving more money to use on those things later. 

Writer:  Y. Michelle Coard

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