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3 Gift Giving Habits to Avoid and Lower Stress about Money- Personal Accounting Solutions


A a very early age, most of us, were taught about giving.  We are taught that giving is a blessing and we are also taught that what we give we get back double.  This is true however there are stipulations.  We should expect to receive but we should give out of love and kindness. Don't give to simply to get back or because you should.  Sometime we can't give and giving with the wrong heart will not bring it back two fold.  Avoid the following gift/giving habits to open your heart to giving and make it a welcomed opportunity!  You will then see it back more than double!

#1 Giving Out of Guilt or for the Wrong Reasons

Do you give even when you do not have the money, because you feel guilty if you don't give?  Does the word "selfish" pop into your head.  We are taught very early on to give.  Personally I love to give however not at the expense of taking care of myself and my children.  Don't give if you need the money for living expenses.  God takes care of you first and then through our overflow we help others.

#2 Set Limits on Giving

I love family and friends.  However, if someone refuses to correct a bad habit you can not continue to support the habit.  Helping the person is enabling and you have to hold this person accountable with gentleness and without judgment.  The challenge is to cut this person off.  Set a limit on the number times you will give to this person or group because it may be time to help someone for which they can and would like to change.

#3  Misguided Faith

I have faith and my faith has been exercised lately.  However, I am learning when and where to have faith.  Poor stewardship is sometimes mistaken for faith. If you need $200 for a bill however you only have $100.00 do not give that $100 dollars away.  That is your money.   Yes, faith should be put into practice and you should believe you will earn or receive the additional $100.00 but you are half way there to fill your need.  Your reward for being faithful usually is more than what you need.  If you receive more than what you need  and all of your needs (needs not wants) are met you are now called to give.  That's great faith and stewardship.

*New Habit Alert*

Reserve a certain dollar amount for gifts in your money plan after your primary living expenses, debt payments, savings and investments.  This include loans to people (which should be gifts. Don't give something you can not afford not to get back).

Once the giving/gift bank account or envelope is empty that's it until the next refill date.  That means you are going to have to tell people no.  You will feel better!  You can truly enjoy giving and helping and you will be given even more!  Abundantly living!

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"Financial Peace of Mind is not the lack of troubles or mistakes in money management but the presence of perseverance, dedication and the courage to learn." -Y. Michelle Coard

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